Sunday, June 16, 2013


It takes one single moment to go from the past to the present, from the present to the future, from the future to the hidden unknown. All you need a flash of genius to be the speck of orange in a sea of grey. A tear to let loose every single emotion you've ever felt. It takes one word to let the world know that you exist and you have a voice. It takes one blink of the eye to remember, and another to forget; one smile to let yourself know that it's all going to be alright. It takes a single step to get you that much closer to where you want to be - that much closer to your destination.

It's a single flash of light that reveals all that's undiscovered. One drop of water to quench the thirst that was ripping at your throat. One whiff of comfort to settle you down. One snap of the fingers to bring you back from where you thought you'd been. It takes one twirl to put you ahead in the race. One flicker of talent to send the wolves after you. One image, one song, one experience to put things into perspective. All you need is one push to turn it into a shove. One 'cannot' to a 'heck yeah'. One stroke on paper to create an original. All it takes is for one misunderstood being to ignite the fire.

It takes a single doubt to set your world into a frenzy. One glass-half-empty to turn that smile upside down. It takes one loss, one disappointment, one disgrace to turn things around. One rejection to hit rock bottom. One shot of silence against a cry for help to end a story. One sprint in the wrong direction to change your life forever. One mistake to rip you away from the life that could have been. It takes one error in judgement to push you down to second place. One smack, one forced action, one betrayal to let you see it all. It takes one moment of loneliness to let it all come crashing to the ground.

All you need is one hand on your shoulder, telling you to let it go and calm down. One soul to get through to another. One friend, one accomplice, one partner, one love. One glance to tell you that you're never going to be alone for the rest of your life. One promise for now and forever. One symbol, one object of affection for your reason for your joy. One piece of news to let you know that it could've been worse. One comma to let you know that there's more to things than you think. It takes one single breath of air to let you know that life goes on. And when things aren't going right, it takes one single you to turn things around.

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