Friday, September 14, 2012


He crawled out of bed after a sleepless night due to a terrible dream.

She still smiles about the one she had as she showers.

His mother just made him the best breakfast he could ever ask for.

He’s late for his first day back to class after the car crash.

Her car broke down in the traffic on the way to work.

She left an important office document at home.

She nearly tripped over a crossing dog while she ran after the moving bus.

His classmates teased him about the haircut his father gave him.

She cries for her mother while her nursery teacher tries to calm her down.

Her mother walks back home solemnly, when all she wants to do is run to her daughter and tell her she loves her so very much.

She knits a hat for the three-year-old grandson she’s meeting for the first time tomorrow.

He’s taking his first steps with the help of his new walker, and adoring son.

He aced his first test.

She was given a gold star for her family portrait.

She hurt herself while running after the ball on the playground.

Her daughter just uttered her first word. It was ‘Amma’.

He just skipped lunch because of work. Again.

They just finished their nth meal in silence and moved into their respective rooms.

She held his hand for the first time in the dark theatre, and he responded, willingly.

She was lauded for her first successful meeting as CEO.

He just proposed to the girl he loves. She accepted.

He just found out that his ex-wife passed away.

She’s pregnant.

She offered a piece of candy to the timid, lonely boy in her first grade class.

They just swore to be best friends forever.

He just moved out of his parents’ home.

She just flew across the world to tend to her ailing father.

She let the blood dribble down her arm again, hoping it would relieve the pain in her head.

He just admitted to being an addict.

They came home from the hospital to an empty crib.

She shared her first kiss with the boy she thought she was in love with.

He ran out of the school bus and into his mother’s waiting arms.

She ended the letter with a tear, explaining to her parents about why she thinks she doesn’t deserve to live.

He just littered on the street.

His wallet was just stolen in the crowded train.

She let an old lady take her seat in the bus.

He cooked for the first time for his two tired daughters.

He apologised to his aunt for misbehaving.

His family was just informed that he was in a coma.

She just completed her first book.

She’s busy getting ready for dinner with the family she loathes.

He watches his favourite show, curled up in his father lap.

Her father just asked her to come along for a night-stroll.

She finally opened up about how she felt to her confused and relieved father.

She lay in bed, weeping, because the song she was just listening to reminded her of him.

He tucked his baby girl in for the first time in seven years.

She woke up to a phone call from her soldier son. He was at the airport, waiting for a cab back home.

They made love for the first time. It wasn’t perfect, and that was alright.

He bid her goodnight just before he went to bed.

As she hung up, he whispered that he loved her.

They’d put their kids to sleep, and finally had some time alone to watch TV. They nodded off soon enough.

The little one was finally snoring softly in her mother’s arms.

Morning came soon after.

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