Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things are a-happening!


I decided that I'd put stuff up on the blog only when inspiration hits. Or when I'm in the mood to rant and a simple incomplete word document will just not do. Anyway, I have nothing fun to post here, except for a few changes and some relaxing news.

2) I finally decided to get off my ass, or not, and do something about my plans for a book. Or a short stories thing. I do not know as of now. We shall see. A ton of writing is on the cards though. Starting tomorrow morning. Ze ideas are flowing in now, so yay.
3) The Beatles' Abbey Road picture kinda inspired me to sketch a new banner for the blog. I went a little crazy filling the page up, but I actually like it. I will soon have an awesom-er banner. *say yaaay*

I'm gonna be off anything to do with Blogger (not like I was really here, but you'll soon get the drift), Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for the next few days. I'm throwing myself into the stories until I'm completely drained and need something/ someone to laugh at.

Banner update soon.

Byebye, you happy, cheery bums.

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