Monday, April 30, 2012

This Is A Crap Blogpost.

While I try to not fill your Dashboard with terrible blogposts (as I have done in the past *cough*), this time, I feel like I must. So today, we're going to talk about why I go to bed at 5 am, EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's not a healthy habit, I know, but I have my reasons! Really! I do!

Before I go on, I would like to just throw it out there that I'm feeling British today. Heck I even had a large cup of tea a while ago! I've been feeling British-er (not so British, that) than usual because I've been watching Charlie McDonnell's YouTube videos for god alone knows how many hours. I'm not even kidding. I watched his videos for about two hours last night, and it's the first thing I did when I woke up like an hour ago (I slept at 5. I can be forgiven).

I digress.

Ok, so why have I been going to bed at 5 am, you ask? Do you even ask? Oh pish, I don't even care if you ask anymore! But I really do.

Again, I digress.

Coming to the point, I sleep at 5 am every...morning? Well, you already knew that, but I thought I'd just put that out there as well. Again. Now look, it's not like I WANT to go to bed that late/ early every single day. I don't enjoy waking up in the middle of the afternoon (but really I do) and munch on soggy breakfast for lunch. I don't enjoy not being the first person to see my name in the paper again, and inform my friends about how I managed to get their names in the paper as well (takes a bow. NOT). I don't enjoy missing all the fun, cool reruns of my favourite TV shows that usually happen at around 9 am. I also don't enjoy slightly sour coconut chutney. Which is what I am forced to swallow when the siesta takes on a life of its own.

Now, I enjoy facebooking just as much as the next person, but I have a secret. I enjoy a little more than the regular act of commenting and 'liking' pages. Gosh, I sound like a sexpot. But no, those aren't my intentions on Facebook. I, in fact, enjoy a few sad games on the site, which is what I end up wasting my time on in the middle of the night. But wait!

That's one thing. Just ONE thing. I think I'll list the reasons. I'm better with lists. I really do think so. Okay, I'll go on a list then. I'm doing it. (Inner thoughts: Shut the fuck up and type you finally have somewhere to be in an hour!)

1. My writing - It is literally keeping me up at night. I've been trying to come up with these seemingly brilliant, uncanny ideas for the book, and while there are some that work, it's hard to make them work. Am I making sense?

2. Mockingjay - If you know me, you know that I'm crazy about the Hunger Games series. I had a fit when I got done with Catching Fire, which was a while ago. And because I didn't get my copy of Mockingjay on time, I lost interest. But, craziness is back! Gale, more specifically, is keeping me up. To know more, head to your nearest bookstore and grab your copies of the trilogy so you have a vague idea of what I'm talking about.

3. Sheer stupidity - This had to be mentioned. I've been tweeting like a crazy person, and googling all these crazy stupid things that will not be of any consequence to me the very next day.

4. Good music - Again, if you know me, and follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I'm obsessed with Gotye and Ingrid Michaelson. Brilliant, brilliant musicians with extremely different styles. Both of which I am loving. Experimenting is good. Yeah it is!

5. YouTube - This isn't even my fault. Well, it is, but it isn't. So I see these pages linking the rest of the world to these awesome videos, and each time I click on one of them, I'm hooked. Sometimes to other videos by the creator, but most of the time to the videos on the side bar. And YouTube being YouTube, tends to have awesom-er videos on that awesome side bar. I'm not being British anymore, am I? Oh well. Back to YouTube and why I love it so. Now, my biggest problem is that when I am in an altered state of being, as I am quite often post midnight, everything seems awesome. Even a random video about horses. Or stuffed toys. Point is, one thing leads to another, and before I know it, I'm laughing at a very cute guy going on about his disastrous life and things, and how he made a video about it. At 4 am. Which is when I decide to start winding up, and get off YouTube.

6. Thoughts - Yes, thoughts. I like to think. And think about my day. And ideate. And make plans about doing cool things the next day. And thinking about how I can not procrastinate. And then think about why I procrastinate. I sound like such a dutz. yes, dutz.

7. The future - The scary dark black hole I'm soon going dive into headfirst. School's out in a year. Options are a-calling. Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I eat? Wait, that came out wrong.

8. Bad TV - Maybe not so bad TV, but bad TV as a whole. There are some terrible shows that the stupid channels air after hours, and my night time fear keeps me from switching it all off. Me needsa some noisea. Not nausea. Noise-a.

I think I'm out of reasons. But you finally get my point. It's not like I don't have a life! Well, really, I don't. But things interest me, and keep me up. Not like I'm crazy.

I should really head out now. I can't stretch this out any longer than I already have. Jesus. Bye

But waaaaiiiiit! 3 days to California.

Yeah Yeah.

Bye, bums.

P.S: Check out charlieissocoollike on YouTube. He is like, so cool. Like.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The pits

I'm sick of home. Maybe not home in the literal sense (or that too) but family, to be more specific. Not my mum's side - those guys are awesome. I'd be happy to admit that I'm related to them. It's the paternal side that frustrates me. EVERYTHING must be done and said in an orderly and politically correct manner. Why? Oh the horror of being modern and honest and REAL. And how dare we challenge someone's position in society, or do something that would honestly never seem disrespectful, but for these guys, would be as bad as bringing down a colony? Why must I be told to speak in a certain manner with certain family members, or control my emotions when 'controversial' topics are in the limelight at the dinner-table, or be forced to put on a facade and pretend to be in agreement with all that's being said and done? I'm sick to the bone. I DON'T want to be told to be nice, and sweet, and patient, and timid. Heck, I'm not timid. I've never been timid and I never WILL be timid. I will NOT not glare at you if you say something disgusting/ racist/ sexist/ communist, which you do, most of the time. I will NOT lower my voice when you choose to push me back down when I raise the question of whether or not my views and opinions matter. I REFUSE to be condemned to follow your religion - I'm bilingual, yes, but I don't follow the other one; not because I'm being rebellious or too much of a teenager, but because I'm sick of religion and all its prescriptions. WHY must I pray to a certain kind of higher power when all I can do is beg in times of need and pray my heart out to the higher power in general? I will NOT feel guilty about greeting you too late in the evening during an auspicious day or a day of celebration. I forgot. Is that SO fucking bad? Get over it, and in the process get over your fucking selves. I will NOT let you stand in the way of my dreams, and have you brainwash me about my future. I will NOT fall in your political trap, and be dragged down with you into the gigantic pile of horseshit you formed for yourselves. And one more thing: I'm not a brainiac. I've never really been one. Being the highest scorer in school doesn't mean that I'm gonna be that way for the rest of my fucking life. I've dumbed down, and if I'm not afraid to admit it, it would be awesome if you learnt to get that in your empty skulls as well.

I'm grateful, to a certain extent, for all that you've provided me with. I will not deny that. But I'm done being patient and wait for you to present me with the opportunity to be myself, to speak out when I do feel like it, to believe in my own beliefs, to make my own mistakes, to choose my own idols and respect the people who I choose to respect - and this time, not because they're older than me, or they've achieved a lot more. But because they know I'm human, they how I am to be treated and because, heck, they deserve it, unlike you lot.

Learn to be open-minded - it's not a sin. Your 'Gods' will not come down on you if you think outside the box and your stupid set of beliefs.

To those of you who have nothing to do with this post, my apologies. A girl needs a good rant from time to time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things are a-happening!


I decided that I'd put stuff up on the blog only when inspiration hits. Or when I'm in the mood to rant and a simple incomplete word document will just not do. Anyway, I have nothing fun to post here, except for a few changes and some relaxing news.

2) I finally decided to get off my ass, or not, and do something about my plans for a book. Or a short stories thing. I do not know as of now. We shall see. A ton of writing is on the cards though. Starting tomorrow morning. Ze ideas are flowing in now, so yay.
3) The Beatles' Abbey Road picture kinda inspired me to sketch a new banner for the blog. I went a little crazy filling the page up, but I actually like it. I will soon have an awesom-er banner. *say yaaay*

I'm gonna be off anything to do with Blogger (not like I was really here, but you'll soon get the drift), Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for the next few days. I'm throwing myself into the stories until I'm completely drained and need something/ someone to laugh at.

Banner update soon.

Byebye, you happy, cheery bums.