Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The people

It happens a few times a year. Every few months or so, I realise I'm surrounded by the most amazing lot of people. The kind that love, annoy and fascinate me. I'm looking at the ideal group shot while The Script hums "Love is this, this is love" at a nice, comfortable pitch, when it hits again. There are people who are going to pound you, who are going to throw rocks at you and going to snarl at you maliciously. Pay heed to them. They're the ones that will make you realise just how loved you are. They're the ones that will guide you to your people - the ones that put the biggest smile on your face and hug you so hard you think it's a crime. The ones that make goofy faces along with you while you pose for the flashes. The ones you chat with consistently, and have the most random conversations with. The ones you go to when you want to kill someone, or a whole bunch of people that annoy you mildly. This post is dedicated to MMMMYYYY people:

(on a side note, 'Lily's theme' is now playing. Amping up the emotion, we are!)

-The ones I pray to God I can hang around with for the rest of my life.
-The ones who will readily stay back with me in the college canteen, and then go on to embarrass the shit out of me.
-The ones that sing the weirdest songs in all the wrong pitches.
-The ones that share my food, and my love for the same.
-The ones I make plans with, irrespective of whether or not it's 'my thing'.
-The ones who come to me when they're hurt - physically or emotionally.
-The ones that know what I like.
-The ones that are quirky and random at all the right times.
-The ones that cause all the trouble, and feel bad about it later while laughing it off.
-The ones that leave the cake looking like an eagle decided to claw the crap out of it.
-The ones that know how to calm me down, and fire me up.
-The ones that provide the gang with the worst nicknames.
-The ones that share my love for make up.
-The ones who are ready to go for the random long walk on a hot day.
-The ones that join me in acting drunk.
-The ones that would readily spend an entire day at my house, not bothering to show any signs of moving out.
-The ones who join me in freaking out over projects, and later sit by my side while we waste time.
-The ones that let me rant on and on and on and on and on.
-The ones that judge me for my tastes, but mockingly. Only because they secretly love the same things themselves.
-The ones that enjoy the dirty talk.
-The ones that amuse me with their lack of knowledge for photoshop.
-The ones who like sleepovers.
-The ones that write the best of letters and make me want to weep through the night.
-The ones that make every effort to make my day.
-The ones that will readily scream their lungs out with me for no apparent reason.
-The ones that refuse to pick up their phones, only to bombard me with calls later.
-The ones that take me seriously when I'm whining.
-The ones that give in to my demands, no matter how silly.
-The ones that make me smile at random hours of the day and night.
-The ones that understand my obsessions, as I understand theirs.
-The ones that discourage you when you need them to.
-The ones who will readily be dragged by me to check out a guy I think is even remotely hot, and then shrug them off, declaring them ugly.
-The ones that are a part of the kinkiest family tree.
-The ones that are creepily similar to me.
-The ones that enjoy telepathic moments.
-The ones that bribe me into doing their work for them.
-The ones that will not take offence to my insults, no matter how harsh.
-The ones that mock me as people I hate walk by.
-The people I nudge during a movie, only to talk about something i remembered.
-The ones that swoon just as hard as I do at the best of actors.
-The ones I'll wait for, no matter how annoyed I am.
-The ones I love with all my might.
-The ones that are shitting just as many bricks as I am during exams.
-The ones that are proud of me.
-The ones that see the potential that I don't.
-The ones I can talk to for as many hours as it takes to bring my cellphone bill up to a horrifying amount.
-The ones that force the can of Coke out of my hands while I sit and cough for hours on end.
-The ones that heave a sigh of relief when I walk in while they work.
-The ones who drop me home on their bikes, only to avoid weird people.
-The ones that let me know they want to talk.
-The ones that randomly text.
-The ones that I'm thinking about as I write this.

Thank you. I love you.

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