Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rut Me Out

i'm stuck in a rut. i find myself not wanting to do anything, and yet having a lot to do. i find myself stuck being the b*tch in everything, even though i'd probably be the only one in my group taking initiative to do things. i feel tired, lazy and depressed. everyone around me is moving forward, learning so much more, being so so much more creative than i am. such a common rut, but it still brings me down just as bad each and every time. trying to write right now, even that isn't happening. i think i should just give up on everything and go try out for a stupid 9 to 5 job. wait, even they'll reject me. :|


Josh said...

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Magali said...

Hey I feel like that often. All dark & depressed & I keep thinking I'll never get out of it but I always do. Don't give up hope! You WILL get out of it.
PS I'm a new follower! Looking forward to more of your lovely posts.