Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Believe...With A Helping Of Random Rants.

first off, 90th post! *woohoos*! anyway, what's going on? what's going on?! i've been buzzed with college, aaand i have NOTHING to say, so no post yet. i've got 8 ppt and oral group projects to do, research, hard copy building, setting up, music combining clip collection, acting practice and LEARNING to do for these! and the 8 projects are just half of them :/ if only it were more interesting, more colour patterns permitted or something like that. my jewellery making is on a grindy road right now. nearly done making Hileri's necklace, which i'll post here once i'm done. :)

ok this post was basically because Koshy from Koshy'sBlog tagged me to do a list of beliefs. my beliefs? wow. it's so weird, when i think of it, i can't remember all of them, or even a few. huh! anyway, i'll try :)


- i believe in love
- i believe in the power of working hard
- i believe in the power of doing things in the last moment
- i believe in friends
- i believe in my mother
- i believe in dark chocolate being healthy
- i believe in the power of colours
- i believe in clothes (knicked this off you, Koshy, cuz i do too :D)
- i believe in music
- i believe in unthinkable fantasies
- i believe in books
- i believe in happy endings
- i believe in dreams
- i believe in nature
- i believe in ghosts
- i believe in believing
- i believe in my writing...most of the times.
- i believe in doodling
- i believe in my ideas, thoughts
- i believe in humour
- i believe in beauty
- i believe in dressing; up or down
- i believe in being nervous
- i believe in laughing with no constraints
- i believe in blogging
- i believe in tears
- i believe in sleep
- i believe in ink
- i believe in part of myself.

works for you, Koshy? :)

all for now. just got done with a writing down a resume. applying for my College Magazine Committee. also applied for student council 2 days ago. :| guess who's gonna be busy again this year?!

night, to half of you on this side of the world.(to the rest, gooooood morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet.


Koshy said...

yes it totally works for me.. thanks.. and btw.. my next post is going to be the 100th post

shruti said...

yay!!! congratulations! :D