Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy mail! :D

yes yes. it's been A WHILE. but i have a happy post!! guess what came in the mail today???
my Gothic Necklace from SerendipityLicious which i won on Tazim's blog!! :D isn't it pretty????! yes it is. even if you don't think so, just agree.

i LOVE it! i was washing my face when my gran yells that i have a parcel. when this happened, i nearly ran out of the bathroom pantless (er. yeah.) and with face wash all over my face!! i screeched in the bathroom, screeched some more when i picked up the box, then screeched a few more times as i opened it and tried it on (i am a screecher. dincha know?!)! it's so so gorgeous! not that i haven't already gone picture crazy, but here's a few more. deal with it. :|

me modelling the necklace for ya. see the happy smile? add inaudible imaginary screeches to it please.

the amazing Candy of SerendipityLicious is the one who makes these gorgeous lil things. she was sweet enough to send me a congratulatory note along with her card! thank you so much Candy! :)

oh, another thing i loved. random, but i don't care. the yellow tissue she wrapped my prize in! it is so going into storage for very careful, very important only future use! see? see how pretty it is?
a final loud thank you to both Candy and Tazim! you ladies made my day!! :D

all for now. no further updates. no jewellery either (how sad AM i?!). but i can't help it! i've had college, the CWW and um, Facebook keeping me busy!! :P

i have a few things in mind, i'll see when i get around to making them.

until then, Night, you lil Munchkins! (to the rest, morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet.


Being Tazim said...

Oh happy day! I love getting parcels in the mail. :) It looks great on you Shruti!

shruti said...

i know i know!! thanks Tazim! :)

wobblinbetty said...

beutiful! you lucky!
come and check my giveawy :)

Koshy said...

tag for you on my blog!!