Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome, Showers From Above :)

it rained like crazy yesterday!! today was okay...drizzled lazily all afternoon and evening. i got some beautiful pictures of the ashoka tree leaves and a random yellow flower tree outside my window. anyone who knows what the yellow flower tree is called, let me know!

this one's my favourite.

the random yellow floweroh and a coconut tree
sorry for all the pictures...i went a LITTLE crazy since i was so bored. had a headache all morning and wanted to click a few nice shots before i hit the bed for a small (read:2 hour) nap.

jewellery, jewllery, yes, jewellery...mum's asleep and i forgot to take the camera from her. :/

tomorrow i have admissions! yayness! at least i'll get done with it. can't wait for college to start now! and day after, the CW course begins. :)

all for now! updte tomorrow.


Peace and Quiet.

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