Friday, June 25, 2010


mommy issue cleared. seriously, she's my best friend who i cannot stay mad at, and vice versa. although i still feel like a lunatic. i'm gonna write a special "read-it-as-you-wake-up" post-it (hey, it's mom. understated is better appreciated). also, they didn't critique my article today! yay! one good thing happened. lol. i'm so tired right now. that's the problem; crying makes me sleepy and tired...can you believe it?! i nodded off multiple times while trying to read "A Walk To Remember". oh, another weirdness noticed. i READ like a freak when i'm upset. seriously!!! the t.v, laptop, iPod does NOT call out when i need a good bawl! ah, that's me i guess :/

so anyway, now that i feel a little less guilty, i think i'll go buy some stuff for more DIY headbands :) also, i'm going to buy some long bobby pins to add cute little rosettes on them and fluff 'em up! oh, that reminds me, fabric glue. i'm going to college tomorrow, and then heading to some local stores for Headband/pin supplies and to buy some mascara(a first for me *cringe*), and a coral lipstick. koshy got me all psyched when she said that Street Wear had a cheap Ultramarine Blue mascara! and all this hype about coral on the numerous beauty blogs has me wanting to run to the nearest store and just buy one. my only issue is, what face with it? like, can i do it up with some heavy eyes, or dress it down with bright and/or simple eyes? also, will it even suit me? i guess i'll have to do a lot of swatching! suggestions are welcome. if none, i'm going experimenting!!!

..and i'm in LOVE with Florence + The Machine. Indie love, much? the three songs i love? "Heavy In Your Arms", "Dog Days Are Over" and "Rabbit Heart" *sighs*

all for now. no jewellery update, except that friend's orders are coming in! i have to make a random bunch for nittal, and a necklace for hileri's pendants.

catch you later!

Peace and Quiet.

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