Friday, June 4, 2010


yes. you may shoot me in between the eyes for not really bothering to update on ze jewellery
and what not. but anyway, HII again!! :D

-well i have been a wee bit busy this week. college admissions have begun. i had a small (read: very screechy) breakdown late evening today, because i was applying to just a single college with my %age. result? got yelled at by my parents, uncles and aunt for being stupid. but no, my mind wasn't ready to take a breather. i have to, HAVE TO apply to another college. which is why, mommy accompanies me tomorrow at 9:30 am (loud protesting groans) to get the form, fill it and send it right in. yes, i'll finally admit, i am a nerd of the biggest order *winces*.

-ok, so i was lazy. hence no blogging. which reminds me, i can't be lazy for too long...i STILL have to read and comment on the assignments i have for the Creative Writing Workshop i'll be going for on the 15th! *heart beats a tiny bit faster*

-*screechy 6-year-old voice* we have a new baby coming into the family veeerwwwwy soon!!! like anytime tomorrow or day after! my aunt's in the hospital already in the U.S, since she's due tomorrow IST. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A BWIIIGGG SISTEWWRR!! excuse the childish accent, but i care a fuck. i'm gonna spoil that little innocent girl rotten. i'm gonna be the badass-est sister she could ask for (read: first tattoo anytime after she's a teen...i know how it feels to desperately want to have needles poked into you for art!) which leads me to knowing that her parents, my aunt and uncle aren't gonna be the most pleased when and if they read this :D (although you sorta saw it comin', dincha, dincha???!) yes, she's gonna be a darling little girl. and with how amazingly good looking her parents are, no surprise she's definitely gonna be a looker!!

-while going on a little college search venture, i ended up doing some good shoppin'!!! back to the (Colaba) streets! the haul, you ask?? 3 more sunglasses...1 vintage!, 9 necklaces, a scarf and 2 hairbands...all for? 1000 rupees! a good haul, i think. :) pictures a little later, maybe! i'll defo try putting up the vintage sunnies and the scarf, since its a lip printed one (true loooove).

-Blogloving...Lipglossiping by Charlotte!! you HAVE to go and check out her blog...true love again. she's so beautiful, and her make up adventures are so fun to read! i actually enjoy reading AND looking at all the shiny pretty make-up at the same time. i'm. in. heaven.

-since the four of us (koshy, hileri nittal and i) are most probably gonna be split this year, we decided to have this major freak out session together...actually, 2 of them. 1, a very, very girly sleepover with tons of chick flicks guessed it! make up! and the second, we're all celebrating our birthdays together this year! it's gonna be secret santa-ish, and i'm still thinking through each one's gifts, but i'm defo gonna make something for each one of them (i think they should've seen it coming. hope they don't mind! *fingers crossed*), apart from a store-bought item.

-and and aaaaand, glee comes to India!! finally! they're finally gonna air the 1st season on Star World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i always caught bits and pieces on interntional channels cuz they came at impossible hours, ad of course i'm too lazy to download. also, i tend to not watch (read: forget about) them once they're stored. so, tee. vee, prepare for overtime! again.

-finally, some pictures of the most recent jewellery and some pictures of Koshy's farewell party. i'm gonna miss my little darling soo much, even i have no idea how much. koshy, if you're reading this, imagine yourself getting a full-body-skeleton crushing hug from me. :)

ok, ok. pictures. here. you won't even lemme finish my rant! i'll shut up and post now. most obvious name for this? "Sunshine" turned out to be a BIT of a disappointment, but i'm proud of my handywork! (ignore the nails. PLEASE!)the colours are shown a little better here. i used two different shades of yellow for the core and the rays. the core, apart from the yellow, has a bright orange, and the rays ends are deep red.

call this one "Grassy Desert". the loop-de-loop was HARD! but it looks so pretty. i'm gonna make more of these. it was difficult, but fun.a little less hazy picture. was in a bit of a rush. btw, this is also my new favourite.

yes, the circle is messed up, but i took around an hour with this one! i call this "CandyPop Dream-Catcher" harder than the above ring, since the circle wouldn't form, the wire wouldn't twist right, and the squares wouldn't sit. but i still love it :D

Koshy and I

my two favourite pictures of us now :) nittal, me, hileri and koshy. i couldn't be less bothered about cropping. but they're adorable as is!

i THINK this is a long enough post now, so i guess i'll call it a night. :D must make Mother's ring now. and i'm thinking pendants...more on the thought when my brain works again.

g'niiiight! (to the others, g'morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet

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