Monday, June 14, 2010

Listing Listing a Week Listed.

hello hello! yes i know i've been MIA for a week or more now, but i honestly had nothing to say. can you believe it? me? nothing?! hehe. i've been semi-busy...

> firstly, haircut alert!!! B:Blunt still remembers me as a worthy hair model :D it looks super spunky and shaggy! picture? here
whaddya think?

> Koshy, Nittal, Hileri and I celebrated our Fake Birthday today :) fake b'day, you ask? and why, you ask again?? because our two lovely ladies (read: bitches) are leaving. i mean Koshy and Hileri. Koshy leaves for B'lore in a few weeks, and Hileri goes this week!!! we decided to do the fake B'day so we could celebrate it at least with each other. we bought each other gifts, went for lunch, and to commemorate and remember all our amazing times, we decided to create a personal scrap book for each one of us ourselves. we all met up at my place a few days ago to decide the pictures to be put in. Lunch was granny's Idlis, and yeah, Koshy and i bought these ADORABLE lil star hairband-and-wand combos for all four of us! we wore them the whole day!

> Lil baby Mahika love still on :) she keeps getting unbelievably cuter each bloody day!!! saw her on skype today morning where she pooped her diaper and left a lil present for her daddy and laughed!!! she was so cute. my uncle tried to make her dance along to "Stayin' Alive" but she hates being moved. hahah! what she enjoys? being left alone without any feed, sleeping all day, not the usual 20 hours, but all 24, and leaving lil hourly presents for daddy and mommy! i can just bite her lil nose off :) Miku, my lil shweetybumpylump, do NOT grow up!

> i've been going somewhere with the jewellery. actually, made an accessory each for the girls, as additional birthday presents. pictures will be up in the next post. they're on Mom's camera.

> as presents, i got a barbie from Koshy :P (inside joke), blue nail paint and a red and black cute checkerboard shirt from Nittal, and 4 Nosepins and a spongebob keychain from Hileri! i actually chose my gifts from Hileri, cuz we went shopping together.

> clothes haul from Colaba! again. however, of the 5 i bought, only 2 fit!! :( 1 is a light grey tent top with nice white embroidery on the bottom, and the other (MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!) is a dark brown half-sleeve long t-shirt with pockets in the front at the hip area! it fits like a piece of heaven. i'm going back to get more colours or more tops like these! what's better about the brown? the price: Rs. 150. can you even dare to beat that?!

> changed my Nosepin today. still so so so sore!!! i wore one of Hil's pins...a bright limey green. very cute, but f**king painful! it hurts each time i change it, and so bad! mom was helping, and she had such a sad look on her face looking at me, cuz at a point of time, i had to actually stop and just sit for 5 minutes.

that is all for now. picture updating about all the possible events tomorrow. so so tired! aah!!

g'niiiiight! (to the rest, g'morn!/afternoon!/good evenin'!)

Peace and Quiet.


Koshy said...

i gave you a fake barbie!!!

shruti said...

i know. barbie, fake barbie...they're both gonna have their hair combed and outfits picked at :P