Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DIY Headband!

how could i forget, my new headband!!! i had an old horrible polka dotted headband lying around, and an unused pack of safety-in earrings which were the biggest fad last year. also, had one of mum's old satiny-chiffon scarves lying around which seemed to have faded over the years to a grey-ish black. definitely wasn't going to wear it out, so i decided to use it for the headband.

the stuff:

i first wrapped the scarf around the specific way, just wrapping it around tight and making sure that there's no visible loops and corners. i then stitched it from the inside so it stays. a look at the scarf wrapped headband:
simply wrapped and stitched. no fuss.

once i was done with that, i simply put the safety-pin earrings onto one side in a single row! they were all pastel coloured nice ones. a look at the pins:

...and VOILA!cute, right? the pastel-y-ness of the pins isn't quite visible in the pictures. i edited and what not, still no use. anyway, you have a clear idea on the picture above, so..yeah.

lemme know what you think!

i'm linking this one as well to Tea Rose Home. i hope Sachiko doesn't object :D


Koshy said...

you are so smart!!!

shruti said...

is that good smart or bad smart?! :D

Koshy said...

i good smart

va said...

Awesome DIY ! very creative , good for you !