Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craftiness Updated :)


it's been pretty gloomily awesome rained like crazy last night. i ended up shutting my eyes tight cuz of the flashes of lightening! (yes i am a wuss when it comes to lightening and thunder). woke up to cool, calm and soothing weather. i've been a bit of a camera nerd; pointed and clicked every tree/bird i could. i'm fascinated by water droplets on leaves and the green-ness of the trees during the monsoons...not a regular sight in Mumbai, greenery! and the cute lil birds that hop on from tree to roof...a few nice shots to be shared in the next post :)

anywhoo, as i mentioned in the previous post, i got down to finishing a request from a friend. she wanted me to make her a French Knit metal toned snake cuff bracelet, similar to the snake bracelet/banglet i'd made for Koshy. you can check that one out here.
picture of friend's Metal Toned Snake Cuff Bracelet using French Knit:added bright blue loopies at the end to give it a pop of colour. the wire i used for this one wasn't too sturdy, so i just twisted the ends to lock the bracelet. ended up looking a million times better!

i also was supposed to make another french knit bracelet for another friend in black, cream and a light, light-bluish green. seems to be among my favourite colour schemes! i've done three items now in these colours! see them here and here. now with this bracelet, i haven't ended it yet, so i'm thinking of doing a bead-into-loop latch (that's what i'll call the lock thingy where you put a bead or something through a loop to latch the bracelet :P)
picture of friend's Zebras and Seas combo (black/cream/l.l.bluish green) French Knit Bracelet:Align Rightattempting to get the colours right. i think i managed, eh?

one more post coming up. i completely forgot about another project i was supposed to post :)

oh, btw, linking this as well to Tea Rose Home


Liliana said...

I like so much this bracelet .
Hugs from Spain

shruti said...

thanks so much Liliana! :)