Friday, June 4, 2010


i decided this be a no-name post, because i'm so excited to even think one up! my aunt and uncle finally welcomed their little baby girl into the world today, around 6 pm IST. from what he told us, she's a lil plump, round and LONG thing!! so so so so so so so so happy!!!!!! i'm finally a big sister!! welcome to the world Baby Girl Chandran!! you have no clue how many people want to squish you right now, so you better take after me and whine at the get go! when she's older, i'l remember to show her this post. :) aah! i actually felt like crying happy tears a little while later...when my uncle called i was fast asleep so it didn't HIT me for about half an hour :P

unfortunately i can't really take a bite out of her. she is the most beautiful thing i've seen till date!!! i cannot wait to hold her and kiss her little nose and cheeks! i'm still awwwing like a crazy woman. :D

anyway, her name is Mahika, which is like so beautiful. and again, she literally is the cutest thing on the planet!!! now, for the resemblances:
the Chandran family nose. damn.
her mother's eyes and ears.
MY CHIN!! :D (yes!!! haha!)
both her parents' height.

now we're just waiting for her to stop being so chubby to see whether or not she has her mother's deep dimples as well. :) definitely gonna be a looker...well, she already is!

my little sugarplum, i'm waiting for you to grow up and see this and realize just how much love and joy you've brought to all of us. and yeah, since you'll mostly be old enough by then to babysit my kids, good luck :P

god bless her :) so happy!

all for now..

Peace and Quiet.

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