Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bling Update!

so yesterday i said i'd put up some jewellery i've made...these are the things i made for Koshy, Hileri and Nittal as add on gifts for our fake 18th birthday i told you about a few posts ago. what i made?
> Koshy- a multi-coloured brooch. knowing her, i used every colour possible!
> Nittal- an eye ring. used as natural colours as possible. which reminds me, i need to hunt down true brown beads.
> Hileri- a necklace with two pendants; a heart and a key. she basically asked if i could do it, and i managed. :)

HILERI:Align Centeri call the necklace "Love Lockdown" pendants can be worn together or separately.

KOSHY:i call this brooch "Webster"
the back. pin suspended with cartloads of wire :P i tend to be overcautious, if you didn't know already :D

NITTAL:"Eye Spy" ring. used as close to natural colours as possible..i think the skin tone is right, but the brown is more of a brick brown than an eye-brown.

posting this in Tea Rose Home...i know i blogged about this a few days ago, but i guess it counts, right?! :|

Working on a snake cuff bracelet in metallic tones for a friend now. being a procrastinator sucks :/

pictures when i'm done :)


Peace and Quiet.


Patricia said...

How fun! I love the heart and key and the eye spy ring, very creative!

shruti said...

thank you Patricia! it was fun to make, too! :) keep visiting...there's lots more that could come!

Sally said...

These are so cool! I love them! I am very crafty, but none of my friends are so I almost never get any crafty gifts myself.

shruti said...

thanks a ton Sally!! i actually discovered that i could make these by accident :)

saffiertje said...

looks great !!!!