Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 Days

i'm back! well, nothing seemed to be wrong with the E-mail. at least for now. that one little wobble is there, but i'm keeping my eyes WIIIDE open! anyway been upto a few things in the past 2 days :)

- had my first class for the Creative Writing Coruse with Renu Balakrishnan. i was shitting in my pants for the first 15 minutes, then realized that was just because i was thinking of what everyone ELSE would think of my writing. i now, no longer care. the woman has change the way i plan to write already! was paired with an intersting guy, who for the first time, i had absolutely no qualms about talking to like i normally do. BIIIG SURPRISE when he thought that i'm the quiet,studious,serious types. ha. HA. HA!!

- SINCE i went to Colaba, i of course had to have a mini-haul. nothing REALLY exciting, had to buy floaters/sandals for the rains here since i broke mine right before stepping into the shoe shop :| a few tops, since i think i'm turning clothes-less; i got a powder blue cardigan which i offocially love, a BRIGHT lemon yellow top, a tangerine coloured top, a regluar dull orange top and a purple-black-brown-white plaid top with ruffles on the neck and a little elastice ribbing on the bottom. luckily, doesn't hug my hips horribly, i just look a little shapely so it's all GOOOOD.

- took advantage of Lakme's "exchange your old lipstick for two new lipsticks and get Rs. 125 on the total of both" offer. i had a horrid potty-chocolate MATTE brown (i can see/hear you cringe. this was when i was discovering any kind of make-up :P). exchanged it for a yellow corally-nude and a mauve-ish nude/mauve-grey shade, whatever you'd call it. with the discount, i got both lipsticks for about Rs. 300! awesome or what?! yeah, Lakme's collection has the most horrble smelling lipsticks and glosses, but these two colours i soooo desperately wanted! i'm hitting the nudes now, so i can pair it up with either some dark eye make-up or just on it's own on days when i'm on no mood to dress up and WANT TO look the part :D

- aaaand... *drumrolls* OFFICIALLY A B.M.M STUDENT OF USHA PRAVIN GANDHI COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT!!! got my admissions done yesterday :) Nittal's with me, so i have some comfort. i'm just not looking forward to running into 2 certain guys though. i DO NOT want any heart-wrenching action again. :/ plus, i intend, rather, i AM on a guy hiatus for at least a year (let's see how THAT works out *smirks at own expectations*)

- blogger header changing seems to be a trend right now. do i follow? have been thinking of changing up my header collage for a week now. let us to see.

- i'm putting up my jewellery later in the day. won't be babbling there, so you can breathe :D

Peace and Quiet.

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