Friday, May 7, 2010

Realism, Mother's Day Idea.

i'm gonna learn to ignore nasty things from now. a lot of people in the world can be real pains, if you know what i mean. hah. guess they're too scared to get real.

anyway just thought i'd drop by with a quick good night...heading out to make Mom's Mother's Day present. i'm thinking key chain, since sh'e picky and will refuse anything i buy her. so what do i do then? i papier mache a box for her office and i make a keychain or two for her keys! i know it'l be enough to have her grin from ear to ear and crush me in my sleep with her hug and continually kiss me till i actually go "ma, can i please sleep?" ungrateful daughter that i am :P it's happened in the past, so it won't surprise me if it does this year too. she nearly cried when i bought her a mug with money borrowed from my aunt [i was in school. you aren't allowed to work here till you're at least 17-18]. then she went into her room and returned with the amount i' paid for it and said "you won't buy me anything until you earn". so since i'm not earning, i'm making! i just have to find a way to hide it from her :/

gotta go. back to my French Knitting. i've missed it :) i'm gonna experimant with wool for this one.

...and to all a good night! [people from elsewhere, goood mornin'/evening!]

Peace and Quiet.

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