Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mommy's Gifts

Mothers' Day for me and my mum was a pretty okay day. my mother, the ever-present Monica (from Friends)-ish person that she is, we of course went on to clean my room at dad's place. we've managed to finish 90% of it in about 5 days, which has now led to a shit load of garbage left in the living room. WHICH leaves me with this: VERY LITTLE STUFF! i mean, seriously! 2 and a half of the large cartons are books (did i mention i have too many? yeah, i do :/ ), and the rest 1 and a half is my Harry Potter collection, stationery, memoirs, paper cuttings, scrap books and a few of my childhood things.

ok, so anyway, i'd updated a few days ago that i'm making my mum some things for Mothers' Day...and i did. i ended up doing an anklet in a new design, a keychain, and i painted an old box she had for her to take and use as a stationery tray for her new office. i still used French Knit for the anklet and keychain, but a few tweaks. here are the pictures:
the anklet:i did the usual french knit, and then at one side i strung and looped these beads.

the keychain:this is where i tried wool for french knit. it's way easier to handle! the pink is all wool, the purple and green is a mix of embroidery thread and wool, and the other two are the usual threads i use for french knit.

the stationery tray:
this had to be tidied up. i thought i'd add some glazed effect with PVA glue, but it refused to dry, so i had to wipe it off and re-paint the thing. i used acrylic paints in Carmine and Bronze, and then added a final layer of binder on top so the colour wouldn't run. i then stuck on some brown wooden beads on the corners. the second picture actually shows the final colour of the tray.

i'm happy with all the final products :) she was too :D

one more post coming up before i hit the sack.

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Koshy said...

i love the box..!!!