Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Koshy's Snake Bracelet/Banglet :D

I'd told Koshy i'd make her a bracelet a while back, but i never really got to it :/ anyway, i'd been wanting to try a new technique of making the french knit stuff, by adding metal/wire/plastic/ANYTHING in between the twists so that the knit goes around the article and covers it. like a hairband, or a pen...anything. so i decided to do a twisty snake bracelet...or at least that's what it looks like to me. we (Koshy and i) called it a banglet :P so anyway, i was kinda confused in the beginning as to what colours to put, and whether or not to use wool. i finally decided to use the regular thread. made it with my favourite magenta (which you've seen so many times before! :D) and a faded orange mix, and put in dark leaf green at the ends with faded gold beads. i used copper wire in the middle. it seems pretty sturdy. now all we have to do is have the lady wear it! here's what it looks like:the first picture shows the exact colours.

Koshy, like it? :)

i'm done for the day, guys.

have a good night's rest (others, good morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet.


Koshy said...

i cant wait to wear it.. i am coming over soon.. (as soon as i finish making the dungarees)(i will wear that and come)

shruti said...

cool! :)