Saturday, May 29, 2010


i have my reasons to be happy! firstly, sorry for the delay, but i was too lazy to click the pictures (Miss. P [procrastinator] lives on). anywhoo, guess what i got in the mail 2 days ago? :)

my leggings from Republic of Chic!!thank you once again, Ruhi and Faiza! :D

also, i FINALLY changed my nosering to a stud. i went a tad berserk trying to decide whether or not i should have a small star with a stone on it on my nose, or a plain stone. i finally decided the stone.

the guy had limited colours, well, limited EVERYTHING, so i just chose a black stone, since i'm not the biggest fan of the white stone. result:

and ok, only because this is the best i could do. no base make up. just messing around, trying to get it right. i obviously didn't =/ :
and final joyful reason: i'm getting my very own 120 eyeshadow palette!!! my uncle just ordered it from Amazon after he saw my long, obsessed Facebook status about wanting it. yayayayayayayay!!! i can't wait! :D

i'm out for the night. toodles :)

Peace and Quiet.

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