Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hyperventilation At It's Horrible Best

Results will be out tomorrow...actually today in like 10 hours if you consider IST. ok, i guess i shouldn't have taken a peek at whether or not the server for the site where it'l be put up was refreshed or not. *hyperventilation doubled multiple times*. i don't want them. i really don't. i mean, all through my teen years, i've just heard "your 12th Boards are your defining scores. they will make or break your future". what if my results break my future? what if, all, ALL of my ambitions have to come crashing down because i didn't "feel" like studying the whole year? i cried for about 10 minutes while showering, cuz there were like these flashing images of random scores going on in my head. some over expected, some under. it's really hitting hard now. i have this big, humungous lump in my throat, shaky hands, a heavy chest, and an endless pit for a stomach. FACK! and the clock strking just makes it worse. it's like a timebomb. argh! i hate hate hate hate hate this.

good luck to me, i guess.

did i mention i don't want my results? ok i guess i did.

i'll leave you to your lives again, now, i guess.

G'night (and to the rest Mornin'/Afternoon/Evenin'!)

Peace and Quiet.

P.S: i'm gonna kill myself.

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Koshy said...

lets die together!!