Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aye Aye Aye.

i'm gonna freak out now. just warning you. i can't write. that's what i feel again, so i'm freaking out. and why am i freaking out, you ask? i'm freaking out (i wrote that so many time cuz i'm bored :D) because i have to write an 800 word article/essay, whatever you may call it, on my favourite movie for this Creative Writing workshop I'm going to when College starts again. now, i chose Little Women. i absolutely love the movie, and have watched it about 6 times till now (just got the DVD. Nero, here i come!) and everytime i watch it, i end up running like an ostrich and grab the laptop and start writing. however, that was the time when i never suffered from the writers block. hence, the freaking out. i actually think the whole writing thing might have just been a phase for me. i mean, i'm totally cool with 800 words. that's actually a decent sized articale for someone like me who ends up writing too much (over a 1000 words once :P) and has to down size it, and i can't downsize it cuz i hate deleting what i wrote.

but i just watched the movie, and somehow, i came up with NOTHING. nada. rien.

anyway, i'm pretty bummed, but i think i couldn't write was cuz there were too many distractions. seriously, the best thinking happens at night, and it's weird how we waste the time sleeping. so gonna watch it again tonight and just do this. i also think i couldn't write becuase i watched the movie with the INTENTION of writing afterwards. thought to ponder over.

anyway, i'm posting some more jewellery in a few minutes. :P


Peace and Quiet.

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