Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tried To Post This Yeasterday, But Blogger Errored Me. :|

so hello there...again! i have absolutely no idea what day it is, but all i know is that my dearest Daddy left for Europe (via Athens>via Dubai>via Bangalore...sheesh) 2 nights ago. i miss him :( but hey, a month more, and hopefully, i'll be making my way through all the security barriers trying to sneak in and get a nice little nap *cough*good night's rest*cough* in the Colosseum. oh if only my sweet father knew the thoughts that run through his little darling's head; well, he'd have killed himself by now then, so thank God!

ok i got carried away. AGAIN.
sorry. back.

sooo yes. i've been busy! yes i have! well, sorta.

oh and before i forget, don't forget [teehee!] to head on over to all the giveaways i went crazy posting about earlier today. and try and check out their blogs too okay. don't be all selfish and "ooooh pretty! i want!" and head on over there just for the free stuff. be nice for once. :P even if the other person doesn't know about it.

yes. rant over.

okay, back to me being busy! yeah yeah, i actually have been...
i painted my shoes! they were these fake pair of "Converse" (do weird fake finger quotation mark here)

i've been wanting to paint them for a while now, and ever since i managed to do a good job on another pair earlier this year and on my friend Nittal's shoes (we did the body together, she tried doing the stars with me, but yes, failed.), i got super psyched when i found this messed up pair for cheap.
now i OBVIOUSLY forgot to click a pre-paint picture of the shoes, but once you look at the post paint, all you have to do is imagine the Converse logo on the ankle, but with the words "Ma Share" on it. :D

now, i'll post pics of all three pairs, but first the newest.

behold...the "Ma Share" shoes a la me (ignore me, Juno is playing on cable, and i'm all funked out with my speech).

okay, shoes, shoes.

used acrylic paint for these.

whaddya think??? putting up pix of the old shoes in the next post. and putting up a picture of the butterfly i did on mom's jeans pocket!

Peace & Quiet.

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