Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pictures, Pictures!

basic update on what i was up to...and the two bracelets i made...

but fiiiiirst....

I COOKED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! complete meal, from scratch, on my own people! mwahahahah! i made Arabiatta pasta...if i may say, it was pretty kickass. :D
*ahem* I MADE THAT I MADE THAT I MADE THAT!!! :D i know it looks like a mess, but hey, i was in no mood to bother about presentation. also, if i did present it all posh, dad would've defo had an attack out of mere shock :P

okay, on to the bracelets.
the first one was a black and deep magenta (i am OBSESSED with the colour) one:

...and the second one was a blue and deep magenta (see?!?!) one:

i got a lil carried away setting it up and clicking pictures of this one :P

so that was last week. i've made 4 bracelets today for FaG. doing about 3-4 more, and 2 necklaces. all the pictures will be up tonite. i'll be putting up a picture of our logo as well! so excited! :D

Peace and Quiet. Until then.


Hippie Holly said...

I love the bracelets, very very pretty:))

shruti said...

thank you so much! although the whole thig with my friend isnt happening any more, im planning on doing something on my own. keep reading!