Monday, April 26, 2010

Old Shoes, Nittal's shoes, Mum's Jeans Pocket and...SURPRISE!

firstly, my shoes that i'd painted a while ago...i did a pink hued flower pattern on the shoes. this was the first time i was trying any unknown pattern so i'm pretty proud of what it looks like!

here they are[:D] :

secondly, mum's jeans pocket. used gold pigment and a binder to mix it:

thirdly, Nittal's shoes, done a while ago...we both did the base which looks a little off in the picture because of the flash, but it looked real good otherwise:

i know it's blurred, but i think you get the idea. :D i did the stars with silver pigment and binder.

....and fourthly...

I GOT MY NOSE PIERCED!!!! eeeep!!!!
i did, i did...see?
see that blue/silver thing on my nose? that's it! isn't it gorgeous! it fucking hurt for like 5 seconds during which i'd shut my eyes too hard, and ended up opening them with tears pouring out. it was bad for that period, but 'twas all good after. i think i broke mum's hand in the process too :P i'm obsessed with blue, so i got a silver ring with blue beads on it. i'm in looove!!

that's all i got for now! it's late too..

see y'all on the other side of today :)

night. and morning to anyone waking up. :D

Peace and Quiet.

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Koshy said...

i want to pierce mt nose...