Saturday, April 10, 2010

More, More, More. :D

HELLO HELLO HELLO!! being away this week seemed longer than usual...

so anyway, bad news. Esha and I aren't going ahead with FaG. no one really wants to help us with a promotional stall, so...that's that. it was awesome while it lasted, i guess. i'd made a few more bracelets and 2 chains for showing them though...which are now being distributed among ze friends :D i'l post the pix when i'm done ranting, so hold it.

turns out i gotta change my phone. like get them to gimme a new handpiece! oh damn my luck in electronics!!!

i managed to do slightly awkward front face portraits in the past training, no practice, i'm pretty proud of 'em, but i got no pix so...yeah.

...and, i don't know if i mentioned this in my last post, but i'm in make-up heaven!!!!! i got THE shade of lipstick for myself. i've been so obsessed with it, i told everyone! it's Chambor's Moisture Plus Lipstick in Maroon Plus. cost me a BOMB! and then i got a Maybelline eye pencil in pearly white and a maybelline Eye Shadow quartet in Chai Latte. it's got a dull gold, beige, brown and light beige shimmer.

i plan on trying to make photo albums by tomorrow...and i need to think of a design to cover up the "con star" on the high top of my fake dark blue converse :P i'm thinking orange, light blue, red, yellow and green. will post the pix when i do 'em!

now, the new bracelets and necklaces. :D

blue and light bluish green bracelet with sliver flower center bead

deep magenta bracelet with silver long bead in center

green, dark blue and red tri-colour bracelet

dark blue and deep magenta bracelet
i loooved this one.

one for the boys!
dark brown bracelet with brown beads in center

one more for the boys!
Rastafari colours (for a creepy reason its too popular in Mumbai)-red, green and yellow.

dark blue and black unisex chain

and finally... (i looooved this one too)
a white, black and light bluish green chain with silver pendant and wood beads on ends

i know i know...i'm OBSESSED with the french knitting! but i don't care...i'm gonna try making some more patterns in 'em.

until next time!

Peace and Quiet.

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