Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday+2 Somewhat Influential Movies=MAYHEM In My Head.

That does it. i had to blog right now. just finished watching He's Just Not That Into You again on cable T.V...not cool!!!!! and right before that, i watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin words *sigh*. i think i drowned in Brad's eyes, and nearly cried when he came back to Daisy...i mean, that just defined heartbreaking. but the worst was when he was dying. i think my mum cried...i nearly did, again. but ok, back to HJNTIY, its like a cursed signal from God to the desperate single girl (yeah, yeah, i admitted it. go deal with it by shoving your head in someone else's apartment or something). like, what, you just want to keep hating me from up there in your big, fluffy white sky and have me deal with your menopausal mind??? ok, sorry, but dude, God dude, you're making me do this! ok, hyperventilation over.

i don't care from now on. ok, i care, but i'm gonna try and not care too much. if he's not into me, he isn't, and its something he's gonna have to live with for the rest of his life. there. let it seem like he's the sufferer. :D

from now on, i'm not gonna make an extra effort to look better (rather to look even remotely good) while meeting a crush. i'm gonna go as miss. plain-jane-who-likes-her-nerdy-specs-and-weird-colours.

i'm gonna TRY and make conversation if there are awkward silences to fill. but, if there are awkward sinlences then that means we both are uncomfortable, which just means that it makes no sense hagning out. ok, i'm turning into Gigi. no more conversation thinking. i will speak about the first thing that comes to my mind, even if that means cucumbers.

now this one i might not be able to control, but...i'm gonna try and NOT think about a guy too much.

i think the above amends are enough to keep up with for now...

ok, so i don't think i'm gonna be able to keep even one of 'em.

oh well.

i'm zonked...night, all.
Peace and Quiet.

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