Saturday, April 3, 2010



Excuse my highness (i'm obsessed with the pun), but i've been this way all day, and last night. Dad literally was banging his head against the wall to have me shut up (mwhahahahah!), since i started blabbering in an Australian accent at first during a match of Polish rummy, and later in a British accent, both of which i'm pretty good at, actually! i can do an American and slightly broken Italian and Spanish as well...either way, i wouldn't stop giggling either. man, it was hilarious! xD

anyway, it's been a slow week. Pop's place brings out the lazy in me. if only i had a laptop...(hint hint). so yeah. i didn't really make a lot of bracelets, just 2 for friends. i'll post the pix later.

...NOW, the drumrolls was because, my best friend Esha and I are starting our own thing-like a store!!!! :D it's called Farfetched and Grounded, and we'l be selling bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hairbands and diaries for starters. if we progress and grow, we'l be doing photo frames, specs straps, bag straps, anklets etc. it feels great to be able to sell something! oh and we're making paper bags, and we're sticking our logo with our phone numbers on it itself, to save paper from being wasted from visiting cards. oh and our logo...haha! for short, we're called FaG! :D so, Esha and I are the FaGers! we have a line too... be a FaGer! :P i was on a roll coming up with all that! we have stuff for both guys and girls, so there's no inequality. but, youngsters ONLY. so spread the word to all the Mumbai teens and your friends. location and other details will be put up here once everything's official, so keep watching this space for more!

Peace and Quiet.

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