Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Hands! My Eyes! My Head!

all this knitting has my hands all messed up. O.W. and of course, all the net use and t.v watching AND the intricate knitting and bead popping has my eyes and head screwed. it's depressing, really. what's even more depressing is that i head back to Dad's place tomorrow, which means no net for the next week (again), and.. *drumrolls* i have to clean my, room. i think i'll wear one of those jumpsuits from the movie Evolution, to save my self from the toxic matters in my room. rather to save myself from my toxic room. i have no clue what's even in there. it's scary. o_o but, it has to be done, and unfortunately, by me. (weeps)

heading out now! maybe i'll post something later today or tomorrow. if not, see you next week!

adios! (i have got to stop saying goodbye in foreign languages.)
eat well, and then barf harder later (excuse the disgusting-ness...i'm in the ZOONE! :D)

ok, seriosuly. BYE.
Peace and Quiet.


♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Just came across your blog! It's really nice :)
I like your header a lot!
Will surely check out your blog more!
Hope to see your next post soon.
Take Care

shruti said...

hey! thank you soo come more often! il be posting some more now...take care!