Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laa Dee Dah Dah Dah DAAAH... :|

*happy dance* i'm done with the blessed board exams!! mwahaha, i kicked your asses, MSBSHSE papers! :D although it took me a week to get over the not having to study, time my poop breaks, time my meals, time my sodden showers, time my t.v viewing (which surprisingly came down to a measley hour a day) AND minimize my dressing time, which of course meant me with slick back messy hair and barely-there kohl and eyeliner. that's the only thing that takes time, really, which is the whole problem about being fashion-AWARE. :P and of course, it took 2-3 days for the exam nightmares and inability-to-sleep to pass over. but I DID IT!

so now that I DID IT (not in THAT sense, you moronic melons...teehee xD), i have nothing else TO DO. i mean, i had a lot of things in mind to do DURING the freakin' exams, but once i got done with them, i drew up a blank. nada. zilch. nothing with a capital N.

...WHICH is exactly what i've been doing. nothing. i've just been watching t.v all day (my affiliation with the idiot box needs to be noticed, really), surfing the net (coughFACEBOOKcough) all day...and...YEAH. although last week i was totally into knitting. and by totally, i mean old-lady-Mrs.Thomas-like totally into it (i have no idea who Mrs. Thomas is. it just sounded very old-lady like :/). i got the crazy excited shivers when i went to this dumpy old store to buy the wool rolls, bought about 10 of them, and wouldn't stop nagging my best friend Esha about what i'd do, what i'd make, how i'd make what i'd make, and yada yada yada. all she did was laugh at my expression. huh. seriosuly, sometimes i wonder if people even listen to what i say, or just remain purely amused by my face, which honestly i hope, isn't THAT amusing. :| so anyway, i got home, finished all the work that i had to (ok, not really. i showered and hid the stuff dad wasn't supposed to see), and had mum on the phone directing me on how to start knitting, since i'd forgotten all my 6th grade lessons. and then, i was on a roll. until this week, wherein the progress on the bi-colour (hehahaheheha!) scarf is at a complete stop. aah, who cares. so that's what's on the knitting front.

...and then i went and got a new phone!! courtesy my nosy aunt on Parsi New Year's day...for which i was dragged unwillingly to the fire temple, where i thanked my lucky stars i came, since there was a HOT, HOT 20-something guy there, who totally stared back (if only i could screech silently and smile or something...curse the fact that dad was right next to me :x) seriously, now you know why i condemn religion! i act and think totally inappropriately in the wrongest of places!!! so anyway, back to my phone. i bought the Samsung Corby's pretty cool! except for the fact that i had a horrible freak attack when i tapped something and got something else on the first day, which led me to think that i couldn't use it properly...but then the next day it was all goood. :D HOWEVER, since my luck in electronics f***ing SUCKS (that's how bad it sucks), my memory card is now malfunctioning. let us to see what happens now.

...oh, and today, mum got me hooked (heh heh, literally) to french knitting. i loove it! i think i'm gonna use my friend Koshy's idea (check out her blog! she did a DIY necklace ) and do a necklace my self...but french knit style! i'm gonna start doing that now...i think i'll practice it, and try selling them. they look REALLY pretty, even plain. i'll post pictures in my next post, which won't be too far away *nudges Koshy* yeah i saw your comment :D


Kendra Logan said...

I used to knit a lot, too. I haven't been lately, though.


shruti said...

hey kendra! it actually just caught on. and then my mother taught me french knitting. check out blog, i just posted the pictures of a necklace and bracelets i made. here's the links just in case:

hope you like them! :)