Sunday, March 28, 2010

French Knit Bracelets and Mum's Top Straps

...So i was completely bored today [:D] and ended up making 2 french knit bracelets. a black one, with green beads in between, and a cream and black one, with a little oxidized pendant used as a bead, and brown wood beads. here's what they look like. click on the pictures to get a better look:

the black bracelet with green beads. the beads can't really be seen in the pictures. i tried making them visible though. :

and here's the black and cream bracelet:

and a closer look at the oxidized pendant/bead and the wooden beads:

also, mum and i made straps for a top of hers in the same way. we used bright orange and sunset gold coloured thread for this. mum made the gold bead flower at the end. and by we, i mean my mum and i because we kept alternating and taking turns in making it whenever one of us got bored/busy :D :

closer look at the gold bead flower:

the colours are a little messed up because of light settings and camera settings and stuff, though i tried taking the pictures from the best angles possible.
that's all for now! i'll keep updating...ok, i'll make sure i keep updating. ;P

night, you homo sapiens.
peace and quiet.


Kendra Logan said...

Wow! Those are so cute! I never really thought of knitting necklaces before. Awesome.


shruti said...

:D thanks! keep checking...ill be up with a few more things hopefully by next week...brainstorming now for more things to knit up!

Koshy said...

i am stealing them!!!

shruti said...

hehe...sure :)