Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adieu! for the next 3-4 weeks at least :D

yeah yeah yeah, i haven't blogged in a while. what to do, facebook eats up my time. i think i should take mum's advice and temporarily shut it down....NAH! :P

either way, i'l be out for the next 3-4 weeks. i have my Board exams *pulls a face*. even though i should technically be having hyperventilating sessions and major bouts of crying at this stage, it's a little unnerving that i'm the least bit bothered. argghh!! aside from that i'm not gonna bore you all by ranting about that. before taking my forced hiatus, just a few pointers to let y'all know what's happening:

1. R.I.P Alexander McQueen. you were truly a legend, your clothes defined 'extraordinary' and your life was a journey worth to be acknowledged. wish you'd stayed with us a bit longer and taken our breaths away repeatedly with your work.

2. Robert Pattinson seems to get hotter in my eyes. his Details photoshoot, though on the verge of soft porn, was oh so hot.

3. this summer's gonna be EXCITING!!! i'll learn to stitch, will be getting my hair dyed, will be getting my nose pierced and maybe my ears again, might work on a course at a call centre, WILL LOSE AT LEAST HALF OF MY WEIGHT and *drumrolls* i'm going to Europe again!!! whee!

4. my manhunt has landed me nowhere. it's been so unsuccessful, that i actually have no more crushes *breathes a sigh of relief*. even the ones i had, turned out to be grade A jerksters (read: M)

5. i'm contemplating getting the word "Peace" tattooed on the side of my hand. length-wise or breadth-wise, i'm still contemplating.

6. what i AM hyperventilating about, is the fact that my Junior College years are at an end. my group won't be the same, my closest friends might just slip away, my classes, teachers and everything else is gonna change. no more french tuitions either. :(

7. i'm getting my own laptop! hallelujah. now all i need to do is convince dad that my cellphone really does need replacing. *evil grin*

8. it's been an exciting begnning of the year for shoe sales for me:D. i got 4 hot pairs of high heels. one's a peep-toe pair in black, another black pair in velvet, with a silver pencil heel and velvet black bow at the side, one is a bubbly yellow strappy wedge heels pair...they're espadrilles. and the fourth is a deep blue wrapped front kitten heel pair. they're bloody comfortable.

9. i'm officially the queen of cynicism when it comes to love. this Valentines, if i could have my way, i'd create a bonfire, throw in pix of my ex'es and all my crushes (yes i'd do a Phoebe from 'Friends'), bake a cake with red syrup for blood, curse and point at couples on the streets and yell obscenities at the t.v. however, i couldn't have my way, so i stuck to wishing everyone a happy NON-valentines' day :P

10. my reason for not being able to study is my addiction to my iPod. seriously! i can;t get enough of snow patrol, kings of leon, rooney, boys like girls, lady antebellum, carolina liar and a whole bunch of mixed tracks. lord, save me. PLEASE!

sorry for the long rant, but i couldn't let myself stop at 8. i needed a rounded figure :D

adios, amigos! catch you all on the greener side post 15th march!

peace and quiet. :)

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Koshy said...

its time you come back for a post!!!