Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Dance!!

I'M OVER HIM AGAIN!!! I'M OVER HIM AGAIN!!! I'M OVER HIM AGAIN!!! i've been in love with him on and off for 4 years now, and seems like i'm back to off. i hope it's for good this time. he is hot, TOTALLY agreed. :D but it just seems better this way. now, i can go swim in that famous sea and look for the other fish (excuse the lame joke. i had to, people). one fish is already seen ok, i think i'll refer to him as M. old school friend again, but he's way friendlier. and he's so darned sweet! and yeah, he can carry on a coversation about anything...LITERALLY. so that's that.

i'm over another major crush (i know i sound like a freak, but excuse the madness. i'm only a teen :P), S. 5-6 bloody months i wasted on the fool. he's a really good friend, but i realized he's way better as just that. :) the most hilarious part was that it hit me that i've been over him for a while now! i mean, the whole butterfly effect had died and buried itself LONG ago. good riddance.

and and and...there's a hot new band i'm in love with. well, technically i'm in love with the lead singer of the hot new band, but still. they're pretty awesome too. :D either way, Nittal asked me and the rest of the gang to go with her for some fest's band night. thank god she did, really. the band os called 'Something Relevant', and hell they're relevant all right! AMAZING mix of rock, pop and jazz...they played the Beatles'"i wanna hold your hand"...i fell in love with their rendition. and yeah, the lead singer. *sigh*. i noticed him before they even performed. actually, i noticed him even before i knew he was IN the band .:D but man, the guy can hypnotize the audience. his name is Aazin Painter. so, so hot. amazing voice as well. i had an awesome time there. seriously, these guys rocked. the best part was, Aazin seems like a carbon copy of my friend/'father figure'(he relates to me that unsolved mystery in my head, to be honest)Shashwat Parth Sharma. he seemd to have a big personality, his smile was almost the same, so were his looks, he had the audience twirled around his pinky finger, and he was plain lively. i messaged Shash later telling him about this...he just laughed when i told him how hot Aazin was. :P

that's all i have to be happy about for about a sad life. over and out.



smrithi rao said...

haha :) love the way u have described the getting over part! if only it could be that easy:)

shruti said...

hey smrithi! thanks so much! and relax...its easy. its just a guy, that's the way i'm looking at it now. :)