Monday, December 20, 2010


Creative Writers still meet up. Coming up with a trio of short stories, the first in the set being 'He'. already got this reviewed by the group, and pretty happy with what they had to say :)

As the wind rustled my hair, I stood and watched the old man sitting beside me, staring out at the blurry greenery, barely moving to the rhythmic beat of the Indian Railways. His skin was like that of prunes, ripened beyond comparison. His hair, a straggly forest, whitened by age. He had two empty sad circles placed in the middle of his face, barely shadowing his incomprehensible thoughts. A mist of brown shadowed his little frame, with hints of grey and nude cotton. I got a good view from the top, with his balding crown revealing tiny bits of his life.

Who was this man? Why was he in the Ladies Compartment of the 5 pm train from Andheri to Churchgate? What was his life like? My lips twisted pleasantly as a furious rush of thoughts crowded my head in a flurry. There was so much to this man, even though he told me so little.

He whizzed past people on his pulsing steed of metal and motor, battling with time to make it to his ‘work’ place in time for the morning rambles. Soft polyester blue cloaked his slightly bulging stomach, while a pair of wire-rimmed square glasses showed him whatever he looked for. He’d woken up this morning with a sense of guilt for not having told his wife about the enormous debt they’d fallen into. She was his life. They had no children so to speak of, with only each other to exchange pleasantries with. His brain filled with images of cash receipts and pass book pages, he entered the tower of grey steel and went on to continue yet another day. One more day as a nobody, in a sea of somebodies.

He sat on the cold flat stone, as he stared into the beyond. Long browning barks with showers of green on the top shadowed his vision. He was content. He was a minimum-wage earning man, with a humble wife and two exceptional children as symbols of absolute pride. He himself was a man of few demands, the few being his daily bowl of food and a roof on his head with people to love around him. He had a few slick haired, wide toothed, warm-skinned, lungi wearing characters in his life, with whom he conversed about daily issues and blissful joys. Few shortcomings, many reasons to be happy. That was he.

The engraved gilt shone in the bright lights of the conference room on the wrist of the man who had everything. He dozed slightly from time to time, with a grim line pasted on his face. All he wanted to do was walk out of the sound-proof circular room, walk to Nariman Point, take of his witchy shoes and walk on warm gold dust, with bliss everywhere. “So the graph is a basic representation of our sales this year, and we are truly blessed to be back on top…” the rugged voice of one of his juniors brought him back. He shifted in his rotating chair, snapped back to reality. The beach was next to impossible. What he did have to look forward to however, was his empty 12th floor apartment, furnished according to his specifications. A deserted kitchen, with a refrigerator filled with packed food and year old achaar sent to him by his mother. He sighed in resignation and decided that it was time to comment on all the speaking that was done. Here was a man who was happily sad.

These men lived satisfactory lives on their own terms. Until one fateful day, when it was all taken away from them. Snatched from the grasp of their bare, worn hands, like a balloon losing its way and floating away from a wailing 5-year-old boy. The wife left him, as the debt took over and became the supreme ruler in the house. The wife and children screamed for help, as they were being pulled deeper into the grey foam, the crashing dark waves eating them up one by one; while he stood there, unable to do a thing. The job went to someone who cared; which left him with two bags of belongings, a severely wounded bank account and nowhere to rest his weary head.

These men were all him; his incarnations, his possible lives. The truth is, he probably was a lonely man, who barely ever had the chance to gain knowledge of the world, aged with the rest of us, and passed his days at stations and traffic signals, hoping for some alms in return for his pleadings. He did this day in and day out, with a probable vada pav being his meal for the day, and the thinning flesh of his skin and his brittle bones as his comforting pillow for a good night’s sleep. He sat here beside me, with a cloudy mind, a blank face, and a world of possible personalities floating above him awaiting the next stop. All he did was sit there, staring into the blur, hoping for an end to the long journey.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bye Bye Birdy

Weird how death hits you, isn’t it? One minute you can be swinging and dancing off rooftops, the next you could be lying on a hospital bed, being worked on to revive you, as your soul drifts away from your body, and you watch yourself let go. I personally, hate death. Maybe not for myself, but it punches me in the stomach when it happens to the rest. It angers me on a certain level. Why would God put you on this earth, just to take you away? Does he hate his own creations so much? Does he question his success to such an extent so as to wipe out families and individuals in a single swipe?

A friend’s mother passed away. She was an extremely happy woman. Really, she was. Young, vivacious, kind, hilarious, beautiful and down to earth, and never seemingly worried or angry. She was a friend to her children, and her children’s friends and parents. So it goes without doubt that this is what instigated me to write this piece. There is just this very large empty pit in my stomach, but I still can’t put anything in there, fearing the urge to throw up. As I think of her, I think of her family. Her husband. My friends. I always thought I had a lot of problems, that I had to deal with too much, but I don’t think I can ever deal with not having my mother or father around. Even if I don’t see them every day, the fact that they’re there, and will be there waiting, cushions the tremble. My mother’s my best friend, while my father’s my support system. Tears stream down my face at the very thought of losing either one of them, worse even both, and all I want to do is hold both of them till they turn blue and refuse to hug me ever again. How do you deal with the pain? The loss? The anger? The guilt? How do you handle it all, even if their departing had nothing to do with you?

While all those questions remain unanswered, the biggest of them all arises. Why do we fear/ hate/ loathe/ flee death? What is it that associates death with all these strong emotions that inevitably leave us lost and barren? Why is it that images of the grim reaper send chills down your spine, and make you want to hold the lost for all eternity?

Then there are the dreams. I tend to get horrible nightmares, especially if I go to bed with a lot of thoughts on my mind. Recurring dreams of my family dying in a burning building, my father dying of his heart ailment, my mother dying in her sleep, my friends dying of a snake bite…safe to say my day is ruined. Haven’t you ever had that happen to you? It’s rather disturbing that your mind plays such cruel games with you, twiddles with your imagination, tickles your dark thoughts, and eventually, blows things out of proportion in your head, leaving you feeling battered and teary. Why do we care so much? Why does death have to be such a pain in the ass to deal with? Why do we refuse to let go? Do we create such strong bonds, tie such tight knots that can never be opened ever again?

Sometimes, all you want is an answer to the worst of questions. The truth may be slapping you in the face, but your heart still asks and feels too much. If only death never happened. If only you could fight your battles forever. If only you never have to feel, at some point of time, a thousand needles pricking your skin, passing clear fluids through your drying veins, just to keep you alive for a tiny bit longer.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Name Change!

Yes, yes. i've been TOO phantom-like recently. but HIII!!! how have you changed? any of you had any kids yet (see? i know i took that long!)? i have jewellery pictures to upload and rambles to rant! :D college has kept me beyond busy. although i'd be rather too vain to not include procrastination and laziness in there. *sheepish grin*

oh and...changed! - blog name, header, and layout. HI5!

i'm done.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rut Me Out

i'm stuck in a rut. i find myself not wanting to do anything, and yet having a lot to do. i find myself stuck being the b*tch in everything, even though i'd probably be the only one in my group taking initiative to do things. i feel tired, lazy and depressed. everyone around me is moving forward, learning so much more, being so so much more creative than i am. such a common rut, but it still brings me down just as bad each and every time. trying to write right now, even that isn't happening. i think i should just give up on everything and go try out for a stupid 9 to 5 job. wait, even they'll reject me. :|

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Giveaway Update!

Hi all,

i know i've been very Phantom-ish lately, but...yeeah. college is to drain-ish i think. anyway, my friend Koshy is having a giveaway on her blog! her 2nd one. this time she's giving away a blue t-shirt scarf necklace (pictured here)
cool, yes? wanna win it? go over to her blog, Koshy's and go could stalk her for a bit too, she'd be more than happy! :D

i have a post coming up, because i was a turd (new favourite word) and forgot to post it eons ago. :|

cya on the other side of zees post! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Got entered into Indian Make-ups Makeup and Beauty Blog Directory! yayness!

check me out here!! :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Believe...With A Helping Of Random Rants.

first off, 90th post! *woohoos*! anyway, what's going on? what's going on?! i've been buzzed with college, aaand i have NOTHING to say, so no post yet. i've got 8 ppt and oral group projects to do, research, hard copy building, setting up, music combining clip collection, acting practice and LEARNING to do for these! and the 8 projects are just half of them :/ if only it were more interesting, more colour patterns permitted or something like that. my jewellery making is on a grindy road right now. nearly done making Hileri's necklace, which i'll post here once i'm done. :)

ok this post was basically because Koshy from Koshy'sBlog tagged me to do a list of beliefs. my beliefs? wow. it's so weird, when i think of it, i can't remember all of them, or even a few. huh! anyway, i'll try :)


- i believe in love
- i believe in the power of working hard
- i believe in the power of doing things in the last moment
- i believe in friends
- i believe in my mother
- i believe in dark chocolate being healthy
- i believe in the power of colours
- i believe in clothes (knicked this off you, Koshy, cuz i do too :D)
- i believe in music
- i believe in unthinkable fantasies
- i believe in books
- i believe in happy endings
- i believe in dreams
- i believe in nature
- i believe in ghosts
- i believe in believing
- i believe in my writing...most of the times.
- i believe in doodling
- i believe in my ideas, thoughts
- i believe in humour
- i believe in beauty
- i believe in dressing; up or down
- i believe in being nervous
- i believe in laughing with no constraints
- i believe in blogging
- i believe in tears
- i believe in sleep
- i believe in ink
- i believe in part of myself.

works for you, Koshy? :)

all for now. just got done with a writing down a resume. applying for my College Magazine Committee. also applied for student council 2 days ago. :| guess who's gonna be busy again this year?!

night, to half of you on this side of the world.(to the rest, gooooood morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy mail! :D

yes yes. it's been A WHILE. but i have a happy post!! guess what came in the mail today???
my Gothic Necklace from SerendipityLicious which i won on Tazim's blog!! :D isn't it pretty????! yes it is. even if you don't think so, just agree.

i LOVE it! i was washing my face when my gran yells that i have a parcel. when this happened, i nearly ran out of the bathroom pantless (er. yeah.) and with face wash all over my face!! i screeched in the bathroom, screeched some more when i picked up the box, then screeched a few more times as i opened it and tried it on (i am a screecher. dincha know?!)! it's so so gorgeous! not that i haven't already gone picture crazy, but here's a few more. deal with it. :|

me modelling the necklace for ya. see the happy smile? add inaudible imaginary screeches to it please.

the amazing Candy of SerendipityLicious is the one who makes these gorgeous lil things. she was sweet enough to send me a congratulatory note along with her card! thank you so much Candy! :)

oh, another thing i loved. random, but i don't care. the yellow tissue she wrapped my prize in! it is so going into storage for very careful, very important only future use! see? see how pretty it is?
a final loud thank you to both Candy and Tazim! you ladies made my day!! :D

all for now. no further updates. no jewellery either (how sad AM i?!). but i can't help it! i've had college, the CWW and um, Facebook keeping me busy!! :P

i have a few things in mind, i'll see when i get around to making them.

until then, Night, you lil Munchkins! (to the rest, morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet.

Friday, June 25, 2010


mommy issue cleared. seriously, she's my best friend who i cannot stay mad at, and vice versa. although i still feel like a lunatic. i'm gonna write a special "read-it-as-you-wake-up" post-it (hey, it's mom. understated is better appreciated). also, they didn't critique my article today! yay! one good thing happened. lol. i'm so tired right now. that's the problem; crying makes me sleepy and tired...can you believe it?! i nodded off multiple times while trying to read "A Walk To Remember". oh, another weirdness noticed. i READ like a freak when i'm upset. seriously!!! the t.v, laptop, iPod does NOT call out when i need a good bawl! ah, that's me i guess :/

so anyway, now that i feel a little less guilty, i think i'll go buy some stuff for more DIY headbands :) also, i'm going to buy some long bobby pins to add cute little rosettes on them and fluff 'em up! oh, that reminds me, fabric glue. i'm going to college tomorrow, and then heading to some local stores for Headband/pin supplies and to buy some mascara(a first for me *cringe*), and a coral lipstick. koshy got me all psyched when she said that Street Wear had a cheap Ultramarine Blue mascara! and all this hype about coral on the numerous beauty blogs has me wanting to run to the nearest store and just buy one. my only issue is, what face with it? like, can i do it up with some heavy eyes, or dress it down with bright and/or simple eyes? also, will it even suit me? i guess i'll have to do a lot of swatching! suggestions are welcome. if none, i'm going experimenting!!!

..and i'm in LOVE with Florence + The Machine. Indie love, much? the three songs i love? "Heavy In Your Arms", "Dog Days Are Over" and "Rabbit Heart" *sighs*

all for now. no jewellery update, except that friend's orders are coming in! i have to make a random bunch for nittal, and a necklace for hileri's pendants.

catch you later!

Peace and Quiet.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worst Daughter On The Planet

yes, you read right. because that's what i am. i came home in a huff today, because today, as i would most definitely call it, has been my worst day ever. i would if i could, say that i've had worse, but really i wouldn't.

started out lazy. was in no mood to get outta the house. once i was out, i remembered that they'd be critiquing my article (or most probably at least, since it was film class today) today in the CW workshop. it's raining, it's cold, but that's ok. i really wanted to go to class, not only because of the critiquing but also because i actually ENJOY this one. it's like, i can hear myself think, i can actually SEE a story form, and it's so much more peaceful and comforting being in a room full of people with the same intentions as you. so anyway, that's what class is like for me. now back to worst day ever. i wait for the train, while being pelted softly with cold drop of water on the back. once the thing arrives, it gets delayed by about half an hour. now, the ride isn't so quick either. a journey which usually takes about 45minutes, took about an hour and a half today. so when i'm nearing my final stop, mum calls and tells me to return since it's pouring in the side of town where i live, and that it might just get flooded (yes, that's what happens in Mumbai when it rains for half a day). so i'm a lil bummed, and say fine, completely forgetting about class and concentrating on feeling like a fool. now, i catch a train BACK home, with a small snack that honestly, turned out to be disgusting. this train too, is delayed, and full of stinky women who love to step on your feet. while on my way back, the missing class angst starts creeping up. i push it away as i need to get down. at the door. what happens to someone like me who's already had a bad day? i miss getting off at my stop. yes. i i miss it. and that is when the tears started pricking mildly. i get off at the next stop, walk in the drizzly weather and catch a rickshaw a little further and finally make my way home. THEN the tears come little by little. i kept blaming my mother, telling myself it's all her fault. i reach home, and run into the bathroom for a shower, and bawl my lungs out. mummy anger still on. when mum sees me, she asks what's wrong. and then it all comes out. i tell her they'd be reading (i think the mummy-anger took over my brain and turned it into a bitch) my article today. the guilt on her face. oh lord. i was still blaming her in my head until she said that she was very upset now and wish i'd told her all this.

now you see why i'm the worst daughter on the planet? until sometime ago, i was mad at her, all the while thinking "you're a mom! you're made to remember my random ramblings!" but now, i'm so guilt stricken that i'm nearly sobbing because i made her upset. i love my life (big wave of sarcasm, if it couldn't be noticed).

now, can i have the WDA (Worst Daughter Award) please?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DIY Headband!

how could i forget, my new headband!!! i had an old horrible polka dotted headband lying around, and an unused pack of safety-in earrings which were the biggest fad last year. also, had one of mum's old satiny-chiffon scarves lying around which seemed to have faded over the years to a grey-ish black. definitely wasn't going to wear it out, so i decided to use it for the headband.

the stuff:

i first wrapped the scarf around the specific way, just wrapping it around tight and making sure that there's no visible loops and corners. i then stitched it from the inside so it stays. a look at the scarf wrapped headband:
simply wrapped and stitched. no fuss.

once i was done with that, i simply put the safety-pin earrings onto one side in a single row! they were all pastel coloured nice ones. a look at the pins:

...and VOILA!cute, right? the pastel-y-ness of the pins isn't quite visible in the pictures. i edited and what not, still no use. anyway, you have a clear idea on the picture above, so..yeah.

lemme know what you think!

i'm linking this one as well to Tea Rose Home. i hope Sachiko doesn't object :D

Craftiness Updated :)


it's been pretty gloomily awesome rained like crazy last night. i ended up shutting my eyes tight cuz of the flashes of lightening! (yes i am a wuss when it comes to lightening and thunder). woke up to cool, calm and soothing weather. i've been a bit of a camera nerd; pointed and clicked every tree/bird i could. i'm fascinated by water droplets on leaves and the green-ness of the trees during the monsoons...not a regular sight in Mumbai, greenery! and the cute lil birds that hop on from tree to roof...a few nice shots to be shared in the next post :)

anywhoo, as i mentioned in the previous post, i got down to finishing a request from a friend. she wanted me to make her a French Knit metal toned snake cuff bracelet, similar to the snake bracelet/banglet i'd made for Koshy. you can check that one out here.
picture of friend's Metal Toned Snake Cuff Bracelet using French Knit:added bright blue loopies at the end to give it a pop of colour. the wire i used for this one wasn't too sturdy, so i just twisted the ends to lock the bracelet. ended up looking a million times better!

i also was supposed to make another french knit bracelet for another friend in black, cream and a light, light-bluish green. seems to be among my favourite colour schemes! i've done three items now in these colours! see them here and here. now with this bracelet, i haven't ended it yet, so i'm thinking of doing a bead-into-loop latch (that's what i'll call the lock thingy where you put a bead or something through a loop to latch the bracelet :P)
picture of friend's Zebras and Seas combo (black/cream/l.l.bluish green) French Knit Bracelet:Align Rightattempting to get the colours right. i think i managed, eh?

one more post coming up. i completely forgot about another project i was supposed to post :)

oh, btw, linking this as well to Tea Rose Home

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bling Update!

so yesterday i said i'd put up some jewellery i've made...these are the things i made for Koshy, Hileri and Nittal as add on gifts for our fake 18th birthday i told you about a few posts ago. what i made?
> Koshy- a multi-coloured brooch. knowing her, i used every colour possible!
> Nittal- an eye ring. used as natural colours as possible. which reminds me, i need to hunt down true brown beads.
> Hileri- a necklace with two pendants; a heart and a key. she basically asked if i could do it, and i managed. :)

HILERI:Align Centeri call the necklace "Love Lockdown" pendants can be worn together or separately.

KOSHY:i call this brooch "Webster"
the back. pin suspended with cartloads of wire :P i tend to be overcautious, if you didn't know already :D

NITTAL:"Eye Spy" ring. used as close to natural colours as possible..i think the skin tone is right, but the brown is more of a brick brown than an eye-brown.

posting this in Tea Rose Home...i know i blogged about this a few days ago, but i guess it counts, right?! :|

Working on a snake cuff bracelet in metallic tones for a friend now. being a procrastinator sucks :/

pictures when i'm done :)


Peace and Quiet.

2 Days

i'm back! well, nothing seemed to be wrong with the E-mail. at least for now. that one little wobble is there, but i'm keeping my eyes WIIIDE open! anyway been upto a few things in the past 2 days :)

- had my first class for the Creative Writing Coruse with Renu Balakrishnan. i was shitting in my pants for the first 15 minutes, then realized that was just because i was thinking of what everyone ELSE would think of my writing. i now, no longer care. the woman has change the way i plan to write already! was paired with an intersting guy, who for the first time, i had absolutely no qualms about talking to like i normally do. BIIIG SURPRISE when he thought that i'm the quiet,studious,serious types. ha. HA. HA!!

- SINCE i went to Colaba, i of course had to have a mini-haul. nothing REALLY exciting, had to buy floaters/sandals for the rains here since i broke mine right before stepping into the shoe shop :| a few tops, since i think i'm turning clothes-less; i got a powder blue cardigan which i offocially love, a BRIGHT lemon yellow top, a tangerine coloured top, a regluar dull orange top and a purple-black-brown-white plaid top with ruffles on the neck and a little elastice ribbing on the bottom. luckily, doesn't hug my hips horribly, i just look a little shapely so it's all GOOOOD.

- took advantage of Lakme's "exchange your old lipstick for two new lipsticks and get Rs. 125 on the total of both" offer. i had a horrid potty-chocolate MATTE brown (i can see/hear you cringe. this was when i was discovering any kind of make-up :P). exchanged it for a yellow corally-nude and a mauve-ish nude/mauve-grey shade, whatever you'd call it. with the discount, i got both lipsticks for about Rs. 300! awesome or what?! yeah, Lakme's collection has the most horrble smelling lipsticks and glosses, but these two colours i soooo desperately wanted! i'm hitting the nudes now, so i can pair it up with either some dark eye make-up or just on it's own on days when i'm on no mood to dress up and WANT TO look the part :D

- aaaand... *drumrolls* OFFICIALLY A B.M.M STUDENT OF USHA PRAVIN GANDHI COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT!!! got my admissions done yesterday :) Nittal's with me, so i have some comfort. i'm just not looking forward to running into 2 certain guys though. i DO NOT want any heart-wrenching action again. :/ plus, i intend, rather, i AM on a guy hiatus for at least a year (let's see how THAT works out *smirks at own expectations*)

- blogger header changing seems to be a trend right now. do i follow? have been thinking of changing up my header collage for a week now. let us to see.

- i'm putting up my jewellery later in the day. won't be babbling there, so you can breathe :D

Peace and Quiet.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome, Showers From Above :)

it rained like crazy yesterday!! today was okay...drizzled lazily all afternoon and evening. i got some beautiful pictures of the ashoka tree leaves and a random yellow flower tree outside my window. anyone who knows what the yellow flower tree is called, let me know!

this one's my favourite.

the random yellow floweroh and a coconut tree
sorry for all the pictures...i went a LITTLE crazy since i was so bored. had a headache all morning and wanted to click a few nice shots before i hit the bed for a small (read:2 hour) nap.

jewellery, jewllery, yes, jewellery...mum's asleep and i forgot to take the camera from her. :/

tomorrow i have admissions! yayness! at least i'll get done with it. can't wait for college to start now! and day after, the CW course begins. :)

all for now! updte tomorrow.


Peace and Quiet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Listing Listing a Week Listed.

hello hello! yes i know i've been MIA for a week or more now, but i honestly had nothing to say. can you believe it? me? nothing?! hehe. i've been semi-busy...

> firstly, haircut alert!!! B:Blunt still remembers me as a worthy hair model :D it looks super spunky and shaggy! picture? here
whaddya think?

> Koshy, Nittal, Hileri and I celebrated our Fake Birthday today :) fake b'day, you ask? and why, you ask again?? because our two lovely ladies (read: bitches) are leaving. i mean Koshy and Hileri. Koshy leaves for B'lore in a few weeks, and Hileri goes this week!!! we decided to do the fake B'day so we could celebrate it at least with each other. we bought each other gifts, went for lunch, and to commemorate and remember all our amazing times, we decided to create a personal scrap book for each one of us ourselves. we all met up at my place a few days ago to decide the pictures to be put in. Lunch was granny's Idlis, and yeah, Koshy and i bought these ADORABLE lil star hairband-and-wand combos for all four of us! we wore them the whole day!

> Lil baby Mahika love still on :) she keeps getting unbelievably cuter each bloody day!!! saw her on skype today morning where she pooped her diaper and left a lil present for her daddy and laughed!!! she was so cute. my uncle tried to make her dance along to "Stayin' Alive" but she hates being moved. hahah! what she enjoys? being left alone without any feed, sleeping all day, not the usual 20 hours, but all 24, and leaving lil hourly presents for daddy and mommy! i can just bite her lil nose off :) Miku, my lil shweetybumpylump, do NOT grow up!

> i've been going somewhere with the jewellery. actually, made an accessory each for the girls, as additional birthday presents. pictures will be up in the next post. they're on Mom's camera.

> as presents, i got a barbie from Koshy :P (inside joke), blue nail paint and a red and black cute checkerboard shirt from Nittal, and 4 Nosepins and a spongebob keychain from Hileri! i actually chose my gifts from Hileri, cuz we went shopping together.

> clothes haul from Colaba! again. however, of the 5 i bought, only 2 fit!! :( 1 is a light grey tent top with nice white embroidery on the bottom, and the other (MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!) is a dark brown half-sleeve long t-shirt with pockets in the front at the hip area! it fits like a piece of heaven. i'm going back to get more colours or more tops like these! what's better about the brown? the price: Rs. 150. can you even dare to beat that?!

> changed my Nosepin today. still so so so sore!!! i wore one of Hil's pins...a bright limey green. very cute, but f**king painful! it hurts each time i change it, and so bad! mom was helping, and she had such a sad look on her face looking at me, cuz at a point of time, i had to actually stop and just sit for 5 minutes.

that is all for now. picture updating about all the possible events tomorrow. so so tired! aah!!

g'niiiiight! (to the rest, g'morn!/afternoon!/good evenin'!)

Peace and Quiet.

Friday, June 4, 2010


i decided this be a no-name post, because i'm so excited to even think one up! my aunt and uncle finally welcomed their little baby girl into the world today, around 6 pm IST. from what he told us, she's a lil plump, round and LONG thing!! so so so so so so so so happy!!!!!! i'm finally a big sister!! welcome to the world Baby Girl Chandran!! you have no clue how many people want to squish you right now, so you better take after me and whine at the get go! when she's older, i'l remember to show her this post. :) aah! i actually felt like crying happy tears a little while later...when my uncle called i was fast asleep so it didn't HIT me for about half an hour :P

unfortunately i can't really take a bite out of her. she is the most beautiful thing i've seen till date!!! i cannot wait to hold her and kiss her little nose and cheeks! i'm still awwwing like a crazy woman. :D

anyway, her name is Mahika, which is like so beautiful. and again, she literally is the cutest thing on the planet!!! now, for the resemblances:
the Chandran family nose. damn.
her mother's eyes and ears.
MY CHIN!! :D (yes!!! haha!)
both her parents' height.

now we're just waiting for her to stop being so chubby to see whether or not she has her mother's deep dimples as well. :) definitely gonna be a looker...well, she already is!

my little sugarplum, i'm waiting for you to grow up and see this and realize just how much love and joy you've brought to all of us. and yeah, since you'll mostly be old enough by then to babysit my kids, good luck :P

god bless her :) so happy!

all for now..

Peace and Quiet.


yes. you may shoot me in between the eyes for not really bothering to update on ze jewellery
and what not. but anyway, HII again!! :D

-well i have been a wee bit busy this week. college admissions have begun. i had a small (read: very screechy) breakdown late evening today, because i was applying to just a single college with my %age. result? got yelled at by my parents, uncles and aunt for being stupid. but no, my mind wasn't ready to take a breather. i have to, HAVE TO apply to another college. which is why, mommy accompanies me tomorrow at 9:30 am (loud protesting groans) to get the form, fill it and send it right in. yes, i'll finally admit, i am a nerd of the biggest order *winces*.

-ok, so i was lazy. hence no blogging. which reminds me, i can't be lazy for too long...i STILL have to read and comment on the assignments i have for the Creative Writing Workshop i'll be going for on the 15th! *heart beats a tiny bit faster*

-*screechy 6-year-old voice* we have a new baby coming into the family veeerwwwwy soon!!! like anytime tomorrow or day after! my aunt's in the hospital already in the U.S, since she's due tomorrow IST. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A BWIIIGGG SISTEWWRR!! excuse the childish accent, but i care a fuck. i'm gonna spoil that little innocent girl rotten. i'm gonna be the badass-est sister she could ask for (read: first tattoo anytime after she's a teen...i know how it feels to desperately want to have needles poked into you for art!) which leads me to knowing that her parents, my aunt and uncle aren't gonna be the most pleased when and if they read this :D (although you sorta saw it comin', dincha, dincha???!) yes, she's gonna be a darling little girl. and with how amazingly good looking her parents are, no surprise she's definitely gonna be a looker!!

-while going on a little college search venture, i ended up doing some good shoppin'!!! back to the (Colaba) streets! the haul, you ask?? 3 more sunglasses...1 vintage!, 9 necklaces, a scarf and 2 hairbands...all for? 1000 rupees! a good haul, i think. :) pictures a little later, maybe! i'll defo try putting up the vintage sunnies and the scarf, since its a lip printed one (true loooove).

-Blogloving...Lipglossiping by Charlotte!! you HAVE to go and check out her blog...true love again. she's so beautiful, and her make up adventures are so fun to read! i actually enjoy reading AND looking at all the shiny pretty make-up at the same time. i'm. in. heaven.

-since the four of us (koshy, hileri nittal and i) are most probably gonna be split this year, we decided to have this major freak out session together...actually, 2 of them. 1, a very, very girly sleepover with tons of chick flicks guessed it! make up! and the second, we're all celebrating our birthdays together this year! it's gonna be secret santa-ish, and i'm still thinking through each one's gifts, but i'm defo gonna make something for each one of them (i think they should've seen it coming. hope they don't mind! *fingers crossed*), apart from a store-bought item.

-and and aaaaand, glee comes to India!! finally! they're finally gonna air the 1st season on Star World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i always caught bits and pieces on interntional channels cuz they came at impossible hours, ad of course i'm too lazy to download. also, i tend to not watch (read: forget about) them once they're stored. so, tee. vee, prepare for overtime! again.

-finally, some pictures of the most recent jewellery and some pictures of Koshy's farewell party. i'm gonna miss my little darling soo much, even i have no idea how much. koshy, if you're reading this, imagine yourself getting a full-body-skeleton crushing hug from me. :)

ok, ok. pictures. here. you won't even lemme finish my rant! i'll shut up and post now. most obvious name for this? "Sunshine" turned out to be a BIT of a disappointment, but i'm proud of my handywork! (ignore the nails. PLEASE!)the colours are shown a little better here. i used two different shades of yellow for the core and the rays. the core, apart from the yellow, has a bright orange, and the rays ends are deep red.

call this one "Grassy Desert". the loop-de-loop was HARD! but it looks so pretty. i'm gonna make more of these. it was difficult, but fun.a little less hazy picture. was in a bit of a rush. btw, this is also my new favourite.

yes, the circle is messed up, but i took around an hour with this one! i call this "CandyPop Dream-Catcher" harder than the above ring, since the circle wouldn't form, the wire wouldn't twist right, and the squares wouldn't sit. but i still love it :D

Koshy and I

my two favourite pictures of us now :) nittal, me, hileri and koshy. i couldn't be less bothered about cropping. but they're adorable as is!

i THINK this is a long enough post now, so i guess i'll call it a night. :D must make Mother's ring now. and i'm thinking pendants...more on the thought when my brain works again.

g'niiiight! (to the others, g'morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet