Monday, July 13, 2009

Unlucky Lucky Mascot With An Upcoming Free Haircut. And For The Love Of True Friends.

it's a little crazy, and weird. i mean, to me it is. weird, i mean. ok, i'm going to stop ranting, since that is basically all i do. either way, i'm going to do this point wise, so i have my shit sorted on this post! :D

>> the guy i was not so secretly in love with last year and who i hate now, seems to give an amazing day every time we cross paths in college. he's the unlucky lucky mascot. he's a total jackass, and now he stares at me every time he walks past me, but i turn the other way and talk to my friend like i care a damn. i feel like such a bitch when i do that, but it s the most amazing feeling in the world! teehee! :P

>> i'm going to get a free haircut next month! at one of the posh hair salons! they're going to be done by aspiring hair stylists, so basically we're going to be the lab rats, but i don't's free!! i asked mom if i could get streaks done, and she said, as long as it's all free, go bald and i don't care! which, in a good way, means, go wild!

>> i feel like i bad that i didn't trust one of my best friends day before yesterday. i thought i couldn't, only because i felt she was overly friendly with them then she claims to be (if you're reading this and it doesn' make sense to you, i understand. even i don't get it). but i totally got over that shit. i feel so silly for having thought that. she's like a sister to me! <3>> me and koshy had a blast yesterday... we were outside the salon, it was raining, and we were trying to get a ride home. we waited for like half and hour, and my tummy got upset, she was trying to make me laugh, we were goofing was a BLAST!!! i love it when we both go crazy and care a shit... :)

>> my love for Rupert has just upped by a gazillion notches... *sigh*. he's like, surprisingly, the only guy i've been soo frigging screechy about! i'm not a freak, just another fan who calls herself Mrs. Rupert Grint! see? i have a picture for proof :P


i'm done babbling. signing off, still loving my life right now, and all the people in it.


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