Saturday, July 18, 2009


starting off, Harry Potter was disappointing. i've been using that word a lot since yesterday, every time someone asked me how the movie was...either way, the only thing keeping me up during the second half was my cheese pop corn. first half was AMAZING!!! minus the ron lavender kiss (no comment, unless you want me to jump off my seat and shred the screen into pieces)...also, did Dumbledore bury himself in his own coffin without a funeral? and does the Elder Wand hold no significance AT ALL???

you still hold my interest. for one thing, i know you're a reader and maybe a writer, since you showed an incredible amount of interest at the fact that i'm a mini journalist now. your smile is...Oh.My.Gosh. it's like the perfect lopsided one. now if only you'd smile back when i make a fool of myself and smile at you. i did that twice yesterday, while you held my gaze, and you just turned away. i was soooo embarassed. though now i'm confused...did you see it or not? still likin' ya...

i hate this confusion. Rupert, come to India and sweep me off my feet. things will be a LOT easier then! (again, i soooo wish.)


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