Monday, July 6, 2009

OH.MY.GOSH. Please get well soon.

my friend literally woke me up with a text message saying that Rupert Grint (yes, the one i'm married to...the one i'm absolutely positively madly in love with.) has swine flu, or rather, HAD. i was getting ready to go for my french tuition, and i was already late (surprise surprise) when she texted me. i died. i'm not kidding i died. i had tears in my eyes. my hair was not combed and i actually ran out of the house with a pigeon nest for a head of hair. how could he let himself get swine flu?? Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint, why didn't you wash you hands, or something? i just wish he'd take care...

gosh. that was like the worst scare in my life EVER.

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. i think i'm still going to be 'oh-my-gosh-ing' for a while now. it's still hitting me. rupert is like the bestest actor in my head. the most adorable, the sexiest, the funniest, the most talented, and yes, the hottest guy for me. argh! i just wish he'd be way more careful!!!!


P.S: rupert, if you come across this blog (HA! i WISH!), i just hope you're okay now. please please PLEASE take care of yourself. i need you onscreen and off screen to make me swoon and be a total girl with my screeches. =D love always. <3

P.S II: here's the link to the BBC report that states that rupert (*screeches*) 'had swine flu' (*sobs*):

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