Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh My Fricking Gosh! (In A Freakishly Awesome Way :D)

*note: all single letter names in this post are secret. plus they are names that tend to make me giggle like crazy*

today, was, as much as i hated parts of it, was AWESOME! like, awesome, in all caps, all bold, and extralarge...awesome like this: AWESOME! <- like that. :)

here's what happened. day started off boring...french class, koshy going insane with early morning bad jokes (i still don;t know how thakur did yoga and i don't care!!) then, i went to my aunt's place, collected my new purple wallet, which is oh so hot!!!, my twilight keyring [:D], twilight soundtrack CD [:D :D], and twilight poster [:D :D :D]. finally i went to college, finished the first lecture, went to the library where we bugged shrishti beyond recognition, then went to attend the 4th lecture. now here's where my day decided to go awesome. i get out, with koshy and the others, and while we're walking to the canteen, and all of a sudden, out of god alone knows where, i meet R, school friend, and long, long-time crush! and then i had the freakiest smile on my face! we both left our groups and headed to each other...gosh he is still so SO sweet! we exchanged numbers (i managed that rather slyly for myself, i might add ;D), and then just walked till his stop and talked. he's in the college bang next to mine, which means there is a fairly darned good chance that we meet again, and again...i hope.

and now is the second large awesome! i log on to facebook after a shower...the usual. notifications, requests, etc. i check out my requests, and i see a request from K, another crush, who i met while on a trip to Egypt, at the age of 12. i had this massive crush on him for a while, but then we lost touch. we chatted some time ago now, and it was soo weird! we both are older, and we're pretty cool with talking to each other! and he tells me i'm still the same, haven't changed a bit! :D

i know all this sounds like totally lame, but for me, this just brings back the best of memories and a goofy feeling inside me...hmmm....:/

that's all with the updates! ciao!


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