Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm sorry. Back to friends...yay! Crush matter. Voldy oh so moldy!:D. EVIL!!!

>> i'm sorry for just not talking to you and saying those things about you. i was a total bitch to you. i guess i felt like their friendship meant more to me than yours. you are important. period. :)

>> do i still like you? or don't i? it's hard to decide. it was funny after how we exchanged, like, 3 words in the 2-3 weeks you've been here, i still look and stare...thinking matter.

>> saw Harry Potter 6 AGAIN. a promise made month ago, as i realized, could be fatal if broken. either way, i figured something out while i spoiled each scene for my friends...Voldemort had, like, a shit load of free time on his hands to rip his soul into 7, THEN hide them in these freakishly maddening places...

>> you're glares are a sight for sore eyes now. dare to come talk to me, and you're gonna hear the biggest speech about how you made me feel disgusting about myself, and how all you made me do is cry. i guess i grew up and moved on for better crap.

no more news...Rupert love still on! i bugged dad too, who's in London, and told him to shop for H.P nick knacks...his reply, aren't you too old for that now? my reply, uh...NO!?!?! =D

life. love. joy. hope.


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