Sunday, July 12, 2009

...And Then Lavender Kissed Ron.

argh! i need to vent so very desperately about this, since my mother wouldn't be very pleased about the fact that i dream of myself in the place of Jessie Cave while she snogs Rupert in the latest Harry Potter movie. despite the fact that i'm a humongously maniacal Harry Potter fan, which she is only too well aware of, she has laughed over my undeniable love for Rupert, saying: "well, see, it's never happening, so i have nothing to worry about". and this was when i was 13...can you believe it? 13? and at that age, i'd been in love with Rupert for precisely 2 years. either way, back to reason for venty feeling (that makes no sense. fuck it. just read on), they showed the making of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince a few minutes ago on HBO. and they repeated the Ron-Lavender kiss too many times for my comfort. i'm like this big ball of inexplicable grumpiness at the moment!

i tried uploading more pictures, however, blogger isn't helping by error-ing me. this is the best i could do. *still fuming*

this is my facebook status, just to let you know: "anger flows from within at the fact that Jessie Cave gets to snog Rupert Grint's face out. and oh yeah, Angela May has the best job in the world. *grumpy*"

i had to, i had to post that. like i have to, have to write this. i've hated lavender since the day i read the scene in the book itself. i swear. how unfair can life be??? i'm stuck here in India, got a boring life, in desperate search of the perfect relationship...ok, scratch that last bit, i'm 16. i can't be so desperate for that. or maybe i can be. I DON'T KNOW! either way, Rupert, yet again, if you're reading this, respond. in some way or the other. (i wish.)

thanks for reading if you did! now scamper off. you have better ways to waste time! =D


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