Friday, June 19, 2009

All Designers

i'm contemplating my future careers at the moment. my dreams of being a designer/writer/hopeful actress seem to be sinking down down deep in the ground. i feel like an ostrich, as a matter of fact. but while showering today (most of my thinking happens there, so don't laugh!), i realized that anyone who creates a piece of clothing IS a designer. i'm not talking about me. heck, i can't sew to save my life. but, you know the small cute tops you buy off the little shack of a stall in your prime thrift shopping area, were created by someone. you liked the pattern and design. hence, you liked THEIR design. hence, clearly, they're designers.

in my opinion, you actually don't really need a degree to start an actual big time career as an acclaimed designer. a degree is all that actually let's you call yourself a designer openly. a piece of paper, stating that you passed out of *name college* after learning all about the art of design and are now good enough to be presented to the world as a raw piece of meat waiting to be chewed on by worldwide retailers.

...i'm done talking. thanks for reading, if you did!

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