Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because you can't help but love them

Aaaahh actors...they come in all shapes and sizes, and the ones i love come in greek god-like statuesque bodies with the most amazing faces and smiles, at least in my head.i never liked any actors from bollywood, well, not as much as i love the guys from uphill. the killing bite though, the british accent some of them have. i've always been the one to fall for the chivalrous, pretty, well spoken guys (not much luck in actually getting to be with one though).

like Rupert Grint. he's brit, turining 21 in August, gorgeous with red hair, has the most heart melting smile, and is the typical well spoken english boy.

and of course, he has no idea that he's married to me. Rupert, if you ever read this (I wish!) i am not a creep, just someone who has defended you for the past 5 years everytime my friends think you suck. for me, you rock. :D

then, there's the rugged british kind. the type who smokes when and where he wants, wears his oldest t-shirt and still manages to look oh so hot, has his hair messed to the T and every time he smiles, there are sirens on the roads picking up girls who just died.
My siren...Robert Pattinson. *watches soul float away*. he dresses to kill *watches life flash past eyes*at the premieres, does what he wants to, when he wants to and still seems to be the most charming vampire..sorry..guy (vampire? did i say vampire?! :D) ever.

who wouldn't want to see a vampire looking back at them while they were asleep?? oh, ad rob...
bite me. ;)

my third favourite...well he's a singer, but he's A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E, David Archuleta, and to me he's hot. i mean, seriously, he's effing seventeen and sings like a canary, umm...literally. i was doing a Tom cruise by jumping up and down on my sofa when he came on stage while watching AI, and had the biggest grin on my face when he performed.

worst of all, i go dreamy and ultrasonic when my friend plays his song on the phone. archie fan for life, archie fa for life!!

now, every girl has a crush on an older actor. not OLD, oldER. my older actor is Christian Bale. i fell in love with him when he was busy holding Winona Ryder in his arms saying "Joe, i fell in love with you the moment i laid my eyes on you".

mmmyyyy batman.. :*)

as a kid, all i ever wanted was to be a pretty princess in a big castle with Rapunzel's hair, but in brown. when i grew up and turned 16, i decided i'd rather dream of holding hands and fighting off weird ox-like freaky creatures and the wicked white witch, with Ben Barnes. of course, that's only because of how un-fucking-believeably gorgeous he is.

hey Ben! you're amazing! you know that? P.S: I love you! =D (see, it's hard not to be a total girl when i'm writing this)

well, since i decided this to be my top 6 (only 6 cuz i could go on if i wanted to, and then this would be a multiple page post), i'm rounding this off with my last dream boyfriend. Chace Crawford, i'll be bitchy, irresponsible, stuck up and totally spoilt!! promise! will you date me now??? (i just had to, HAD TO get that out :D). my definition of gorgeous. that smile, those eyes, that hair...

I'd tap that. i'd totally tap that.
I'd tap all of that.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cracked Glass

I adjust the rear view mirror,
See the scars left on my face,
Touch the skin, so red and wet,
Mouth twisted in pain, eyes dripping the tears I’d stopped from falling,
Hit reverse, but all I want to do is accelerate and run,
Silent, can’t say a word.
All I see is the cracked glass.

Happy, cheerful, that big smile you wanted to see,
Rewind and return to the starting line again,
Fall right back into the big black hole,
See the browns, the greens and the reds,
Laugh through the blur at the pictures of us all,
Lay down my heavy head, rest there for a while,
Hit repeat, play for a while,
A shine hits me from the cracked glass.

I see the brightest star in the sky,
Making it mine, it’s all the light I have left,
Stare off into space, sit at the balcony and look down,
It’s not much of a jump, why don’t I try?
And reality smacks back, with the sound of the phone beeping,
“Don’t you dare do anything”, I hear, ignore,
It’s like the voices in my head weren’t enough.
I notice the cracked glass.

Flowers for love, chocolates for pleasure,
Immerse yourself into the water,
Blood rush, hits you right in the head,
A kiss makes you weak, makes you feel loved,
Lock the door and crash,
Stare into the glare that’s looking right back at you,
Frown, look away, it’s embarrassing.
I think of the cracked glass.

Point fingers, they’re all to blame,
Wear the jacket and be someone else,
Adjust, plug in the noise,
Move along with it; let it drive you there,
Wind the clock, turn back time…
And I’m the kid again.
I walk to the cracked glass.

Suicidal, scream emergency,
Eyes closed, kohl spread all over my face,
Immobile, entranced, and stop,
Look around, so plain, so usual, so incomplete,
Give me back my smile; I’ve lent it too long,
One last breath, firm back, and I bleed.
As I step onto the cracked glass.