Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yes I’m throwing A Fit Again. Go Ahead. Deal With It. I Care A Damn.

The very fact that we say we’re teenagers puts this neon psychedelic image, with drugs, making out, booze, articulated language, misdemeanour, peculiarity, ciggies and the punk “revolution” into adults’ heads. Yes, we are peculiar at this age. Yes we have our mood swings. Yes, we think you talk sh*t at times and totally zone you out if we don’t want to listen to you. Yes, we get a sick satisfaction in gaining your disapproval many a times. And yes, we do think that those elastic freaky coloured rubber bands look revoltingly appealing. But seriously, ever looked back at YOUR life, and thought that maybe, she was WAY better then I ever was when I was that age?
Suuuure, we’re in the 21st CENTURY (oh my gosh. So freaky) and all, but notice it or not, our rules and regulations are WAY tighter then they ever were back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We’re teenagers for crying out loud. We’re at a point in our lives where WE honestly have no idea of what we are, where we’re going, what we can do and whether we even have a real life or not. Like all those high and mighty polished slit nosed psychologists often say, “These youngsters, or adolescents, are at a crossroads in their lives, and they aren’t sure of their age limits.” Well, I agree, for one. All you elders might just think that I’m being melodramatic for the heck of it, or that maybe it IS my job to be that way, since I’m a teenager, but honestly, ever thought what we’re going through here? We can’t tell you so many things of what we do or what we feel, only because we’re freaking out about the disapproval you have ready for us at the end of our dramatic-in-your-eyes and tearful speech. No if’s and but’s tolerated, you’ll just refuse to listen further. It’s like you have an invisible countdown clock in your head, and once we’ve shut up, our time is up. Simple. Also, we no longer have an opinion. Only your opinion is authorized and approved of.
As for the mood swings, why yes of course we have them. And here, I’ll just repeat a prior mentioned point, that we aren’t supernaturally malfunctioning humans, just average youngsters that you were once upon a long, long time! We’re not being melodramatic, just having a mild emotional seizure because we’re narked with “the world”, or have had a dramatized live action tiff with our current significant other, or are just plain pissed or are too busy “hating our lives”. Also, we agree that right now, we are ‘officially addicted’ to all the possible corny music, too-freaky-for-the-blind coloured junk, weird clothes, the high class snobby drama T.V soaps for girls and the doubled sports for the guys, our re runs, our cell phones, our technology and too much more!
Lastly, we aren’t pretentious, fake, snobby, careless and/or rebellious…or at least we don’t mean to be! We’re growing up, so try and help us out with all the questions without raising the red flag, won’t you, please?

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