Saturday, April 25, 2009


I feel your breath on my neck,
I hear your footsteps in the dark,
I feel your clear eyes on me, staring inside me,
But every time I turn to look, I see the plain wall,
And every time I look at the chair, it’s empty.

I know you’re there somewhere,
Staring at me and smiling from a little corner,
I know you’re out there, somewhere,
Surrounding me, protecting me,
I’m scared out of my skin,
Though I should feel loved.

I wonder if there was a moment you thought you’d live again,
And I think of how much I loved you,
No matter how I was to you,
I hope you know I always cared,
I miss you many times a day,
Wish you were here.

I’m alert all night,
Wondering if you’ll show yourself,
I know that might just make me more afraid of you and the world you’ve moved into,
But your last memory still ligers,
And I still feel the tears on my face,
Watching you go away.

You watched me then like I was an angel,
You look out for me now, invisibly keeping me out of harm’s way,
You answer my silly prayers for me, even though you don’t want to at times,
But you do it out of love for me,
I grew up, and didn’t bother to look back then,
I wish I could take that back, though I can’t.

I know you’re watching now,
As I write this, trying not to spill yet another tear,
You’ll all loved me deeply, and now continue to together,
Watch over the rest of us you’ll left behind,
Tears are shed, in the loneliness, pain eating us up at times,
And I just need you’ll to know I love you.

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