Saturday, April 25, 2009


We were born into a world of complete hypocrisy. To be honest, no one in the world ca be completely truthful to your face, not even yourself. We’re all just lying to ourselves at some point or the other, trying to shadow the harsh truth that we often never want to accept. We’re all imposters of our own being, our own kind, and our own kith and kin. You can be a poor, humble person. You can be a lawyer. You can even be a monk, for crying out loud! But the truth is that none of us know what we really are. We’re just living in this make believe world, with its make believe scenarios, passing by like the scenes in a long play.

It’s like living in a forest of dreams, where nothing is real once you wake up. Your wishes are all too beautiful to be reality. The universe is just this massive cluster of the lies we built for ourselves. We’re living; we’re breathing, but not understanding what we’re here for. So many of us claim we know who we are and what we’re made of, oh so confidently, but given a chance to be honest, we’d all just break down to reveal the unsatisfied souls. So many of us in this time, say we’re original; we’re one of a kind. One of a kind, sure, I’ll buy that. But original is like saying the North and South Pole are one and the same. No one’s original. Each one’s style and personality has a bit of each other in it. We’re all fragments of each other.

It seems that we all live in this make-believe magical world. Where there’s nothing to worry about, no pain to feel, and happiness all round the year. Like we have everything we ever needed. No sorrows, no hard work, and most especially, no imagination. We’re like fairies and gnomes and pixies, like every magical creature you can think of, straight from J. K. Rowling’s books, put into action with glee and energy. Where all like clockwork clowns, high on sugar. Basically, we’re all just fooling ourselves, trying to comfort each other with useless handshakes, smiles and hellos. With confident thoughts, massive smiles and straight talk. We’re all liars, living in one BIG fairyland.

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