Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Strolling down the streets,
Trying to pry off the attention I get,
Ignore, young lady, just lead yourself,
Stand tall, smell the air all fresh.

I’m shouting and screaming in an empty hall now.

Awoken by a bad dream,
Shrug at the normality,
So used to the sweating and swell of fear,
Go back to sleep, it’s only 3 am, girl,
Stop taking to me.

I think I’m finally insane.

Sit down for work,
Detest wanting to be with everyone else but him,
Sorry, I can’t make it today,
I’m just too busy hating myself all over again.

Give up, you’re useless. The world just doesn’t see it.

Lazed by no creativity,
I suck at this,
God, why did I ever think I could manage?
And a tear drops on the page again.

I’m dropping the pen and colors, I’m no good.

The usual routine, I want to get away now,
I know I’m a big girl,
It’s time I grew out of wanting you both together,
Too hard, wish you were in my place to see.

It’s too much love and too much pain.

I mimic my dreams in privacy,
It’s too embarrassing, you can’t see,
I’m a soppy mess, don’t look at me, I’m ugly,
You’re all too good for me.

I can’t live with the extremity.

Look around, do I look any good to you?
Wasted, and tired of the times,
I’m waiting, but can’t hold on for much longer,
A promise, to try and keep.

Judge me; I won’t be surprised if you already have.

It’s like you wasted your time making me,
Molding me, when I’d end up like this,
Laughing, but cracking into bits on the inside.

Rip myself apart, you’ll do not need me.

I have my opinions,
I feel like a tyke,
Shut me up now, and find the ways,
Make new friends.

I’m breaking up with all of you now.

Rest again, and feel the heat,
Disconnected, I’m never fitting in,
I’ll never succeed, you should see that,
It’s always been that way, and it’s not going to change.

I’m unfinished.

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