Saturday, January 24, 2009

woman of new times

Her head bowed down,
She walks through the dark streets,
The glint in her eyes does nothing to hide her strength,
Her aura, so full of courage,
She’s too strong to bother about the world,
She’s ready for time, she’s ready for life.

The moon shadows her flowing hair, making her look like a sorceress,
The white of her skin cast a contrast for all to stare,
She’s the apple of his eye,
But she won’t let him darken her air.

She casts her spells with the precision of an angel,
Her face arrested by determination,
She’s ready for the world,
And won’t let a single chance go by,
She’s the passing woman’s envy,
And is grabbing the attention of one and all,
She has no fear to think of,
No loathing to spare,
She’s louder than the wind, but as silent as white noise,
And her mouth never opens,
For her eyes are bold enough to do the talking.

Her coat collar up,
She hides the face of a queen,
The clicking of her boots on the wet path sings a song,
Her hair bouncing away,
And with each step she’s a changing woman,
Her charisma undefined, the depth of her emotions unnoticed,
Her tragedies thrown away, she knows she’s on top,
And the profoundness of her will, she knows, shall always protect her.

She’s ready for action,
No power is too hard to tackle for her,
She’s been through it all,
And her tears have since been long gone,
For she has no time for such petty folly,
Her heart seems stone cold,
But beneath the impression lies the truth,
For times have weathered the good in her,
And rain or shine,
Nothing’s going to change her,
She’s too much for the world to handle now,
She’s not waiting any longer,
She’s saying it out loud.

She finally steps up,
And unlocks the door to the real world,
Voices being heard, there’s music blaring in the background,
“Stay away!” comes a voice from not so far,
She sighs, so much for freedom,
But she’s happy, she’s satisfied,
She couldn’t ask for more,
For she is the woman of the new times.

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